#EverybodyThink - together we can tackle fly-tipping

Had enough of fly-tipping in Barnsley? We have too. As part of #EverybodyThink, we're letting residents know how they can help us in our fight against illegal dumpers. If we all work together, we can reduce instances of fly-tipping and #ProtectIt in our borough.

What we're doing

  • Clearing dumped waste across Barnsley thanks to our dedicated team. On average, they clear over 90 per cent of reported fly-tipping within five days, every month.
  • Bringing illegal dumpers to justice, with help from our enforcement team.
  • Cracking down on those who hand their waste over to unlicensed carriers, that give fly-tippers the opportunity to illegally dump their rubbish.

How you can help

  • You can let us know about dumped waste across the borough by reporting fly-tipping.
  • Only give your waste to licensed carriers and carry out the proper checks. Not only is it against the law, but handing over your waste to an unlicensed carrier may lead to it being fly-tipped in our borough. If you're looking for someone to remove your rubbish responsibly, we can pick up your large unwanted items for a small fee
  • Contact safer@barnsley.gov.uk if you think that someone may be dumping waste, or if you have any information about fly-tippers in the area

Want to be in the know?

You can follow our fight against fly-tipping by visiting the Everybody Think Facebook page. Here we'll keep you updated with the latest fly-tipping news, our top tips for being waste wise and share some of the work from our team.