Permits for waste and recycling centres

You'll need one of the following to visit our waste and recycling centres (tips):

  • a residents' permit for cars, or some photo ID to show that you live in Barnsley 
  • a permit for vans and trailers 

You can only apply for a permit if you live in Barnsley. We no longer allow residents from outside of Barnsley to use our sites.

You can't take any business or trade waste to our recycling centres. Find out more about how to dispose of commercial waste.

Residents' permits

You can visit any of our recycling centres to collect a permit that you stick in the window of your vehicle.

The permit will have your car registration details on. If you're using more than one car, you'll need a sticker for each vehicle.

You'll need to bring the following documents with you:

  • a vehicle V5 registration document for your car, with your name and your Barnsley address on it 
  • proof that you live in Barnsley and that the vehicle is leased to you. This applies if you have a Motability or company car, and you don't have a V5 document.

We can't give you a resident's permit for your car if you don't have the above documents.

Using sites without a residents' permit

You can still use our recycling sites without a vehicle permit for your car. You'll need to take some ID with you, like your driving licence, that has your photo and address on. Take it with you every time as you may be challenged. 

This means you'll still be able to borrow somebody else's car, use a hire car, or travel as a passenger with somebody who doesn't have a permit.

If you use the tip regularly without a residents' permit, we may ask you to fill in a waste declaration form. This is to confirm that the rubbish is household and not commercial waste.

Van and trailer permits

Use our online form below to apply for a permit if you're using any of these vehicles to take your household waste to one of our tips:

  • a car with a trailer (maximum size 7' x 4')
  • a 4 X 4 with pickup
  • a small van
  • a short wheel base transit type van
  • a minibus (short wheel base)
  • a medium camper van

You're only allowed to dispose of five 25kg bags of rubble/construction type waste twice a year. Each time you do this, we’ll mark it on your permit.

You're not allowed to use your permit to dispose of waste from a business.

A recycling permit is a book of 12 individual permit slips. Each slip allows you to visit the site once. The permit book doesn't expire until you've used all the slips. You're only allowed one permit book a year. 

Before you begin

You must live in Barnsley to apply for a permit.

You're not allowed to visit our recycling centres using: 

  • Luton box vans
  • vehicles over 3.5 tonnes
  • flatbed or tipper vans
  • transit type vans over 5.20 metres in length
  • twin-axle vehicles
  • large camper vans
  • vans with trailer or 4x4s with trailer (we'll look at exceptional circumstances on an individual basis)

Don't use this form for a permit if you're going to the recycling centre in:

  • a car
  • an estate car
  • a people carrier
  • a 4x4 without a pickup

You can pick up a resident's permit by visiting the recycling centre with the appropriate documents.

Contact us if you need a permit quickly, for example if you’ve hired a vehicle on a short term lease. You can only do this once in any 12 month period and you’ll need to give us 12 hours notice. 

Before you start the form, make sure you've got all the documents you'll need.

Please provide your email address if you want a confirmation receipt.

Documents you'll need

When you apply online, you need to attach a scan of the first and second page of your vehicle registration certificate (V5). You also need to include any one of the following documents containing your address:

  • council tax bill
  • tenancy agreement or rent book
  • utility bill (gas, water, electricity)
  • recent bank statement
  • driving licence

If you don't have access to a scanner when you're filling in the form, you can send them to us within 28 days by either:

  • scanning them later and emailing them to us at
  • posting them to Waste Management Service, Smithies Lane Depot, Barnsley S71 1NL

Please quote the reference number from the online application form. This is the number on the 'thank you' page at the end of the form.

If you're applying for a company vehicle, we'll need a letter from the company. It should be on company letterhead paper and confirm that you're authorised to use the vehicle to transport household waste. Please email if you need advice about acceptable wording.

Renewals and changes

You can only renew your permit once every 12 months and only if you've used all the slips.

If you change your vehicle or your address, you’ll need to change your permit details. If you lose your permit, we won't issue a replacement until the 12 month renewal date.

Cancelling your recycling permit

We’ll cancel your permit immediately if you:

  • try to dispose of business or non-household waste
  • aren’t using the vehicle the permit was issued for
  • haven’t separated your waste before you get to the tip
  • misuse the facility or are abusive to staff or other users