What you can take to the household waste recycling centre (tip)

You'll need a permit to visit one of our household waste recycling centres. The centres are for household waste only and for the sole use of Barnsley residents. They are unable to accept business waste or waste created from any commercial activity.

It makes it easier if you sort your waste before you take it to the tip. Separate it into the following types so it's ready to tip in the right skip:

  • green garden waste
  • wood and chipboards
  • cardboard
  • paper
  • metal
  • large electrical items
  • small electrical items
  • hard plastics (temporarily unavailable at our Smithies Lane site)
  • textiles and shoes
  • glass bottles and jars
  • car oil
  • cooking oil
  • household batteries
  • televisions
  • fridges and freezers (domestic only)
  • soil and rubble (maximum of 5 x 25kg bags within any six-month period)
  • cardboard drinks cartons
  • domestic fluorescent tubes and bulbs

Use our A-Z of waste and recyclable items to check for things you can take to the tip, and find out which container or skip you need to put these in.

Please remember to remove all batteries and flammable liquids from items before you take them to a recycling centre.  Fire lighters and batteries left in old toys, games controllers, TV remotes and mobile phones can cause fires at recycling and waste treatment centres. Many stores which sell batteries have containers to dispose of old ones, and there are separate areas for them to be handed in at household waste and recycling centres.

Items we're not currently accepting

We're not currently accepting soft plastics (plastic bottles) at our sites. Please recycle these by putting them in your brown bin.

If you have too many you can place bags of plastic bottles and tin cans beside your brown bin on your scheduled brown bin collection day. These bags must not contain glass; all glass must go in your brown bin directly. You can check your bin days online.

We're also currently unable to accept hard plastics at our Smithies Lane site. This is a temporary measure and will be reinstated in due course.

Attending our sites during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

Please be aware of the following when visiting our sites:

  • The number of vehicles unloading at one time is restricted and a queuing system is in place. This is to minimise the number of people unloading waste at once to make sure social distancing can be maintained.
  • Two people from the same household or same support bubble may unload waste together for large or heavy items only. They must remain together as a pair and must not split up to visit different skips or areas of the site independently.
  • Staff are not able to help you dispose of items; only bring waste you can manage yourself or bring someone with you to help.
  • During busy times, when demand is high and traffic is queuing to access the site, you may see us close the entrance gate and put up a ‘site closed’ sign. This is a temporary closure until we are able to reduce the queues and it is safe to allow more vehicles into the site.
  • Near to closing time, an assessment is made as to whether we can safely allow those queuing to enter the site, if this isn't possible we may ask you to return at another time.
  • We apologise for the ongoing COVID-19 disruptions to our service and ask that the health and wellbeing of our operatives is respected. CCTV and body-worn cameras are in use. Any abusive behaviour will be investigated and may lead to prosecution.

Additional waste accepted only at West Street, Worsbrough

  • Domestic gas canisters that can't be returned to the manufacturer.
  • Small quantities of plasterboard.
  • Small quantities of asbestos (contact us first to arrange an appointment by calling (01226) 773555)
  • Car batteries

Waste not accepted at any of our household waste recycling centres

  • Car tyres (local tyre dealers will accept these for a small disposal fee).
  • Vehicle parts
  • Large quantities of building and construction waste or soil. If you have more than five bags, we'd suggest you hire a skip.
  • Asbestos sheets or large quantities of asbestos. This is hazardous waste and you can find removal companies who will take it away for you.