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Granite or marble?

When making your decision to purchase a memorial, you'll want to consider the type of stone to be used.

Both granite and marble are suitable for the purpose of memorials as both are very durable and distinctive. However, each has its natural limitations and particular characteristics.

Marble is widely used and one of the best known materials chosen for sculpture and carving. However the ability to work this stone to such fine detail means that the stone is not as strong as granite. Marble commonly comes in white. Other colours such as pink and grey are available but can be costly. Marble will weather at a greater rate when compared to granite, and will need maintenance at some stage during its lifetime to maintain its colouration.

Granite is available in a wide range of colours from black or grey, to reds, blues and greens. However, as it is a natural product some colour and contrast variation may occur in certain granite types depending on when and where it is sourced. Granite is extremely strong and virtually indestructible. Its texture lends itself to polishing to bring out the true beauty of the material. However due to its toughness, for ornamentation purposes designs tend to be etched rather than carved.

Personalising stones

We can produce the perfect memorial to suit your particular taste. We can inscribe designs, such as crosses, hearts, shamrocks or angels. If you provide us with your own design we can produce a stencil for it using specialist software.

Ceramic plaques for graves

If you have a photo memory that you want to include on your memorial, we can reproduce this onto a high quality, ceramic plaque.

We should be able to reproduce most family photos. The image provided should be the best contrast quality and sharpness possible. Usually wedding photos or professionally-shot portraits provide the best results.

If you're not sure whether a memorial photo is good enough to use, please contact us for advice. We can accept images in print, or high resolution digital format via email.

More about our range of memorials

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