Converting a civil partnership to a marriage

If you are in a civil partnership you can now convert this to a marriage, through our registrar's service.

There are two ways to convert your civil partnership into a marriage:

  • A standard conversion - this is an administrative process
  • A two-stage conversion - including completing the necessary paperwork followed by a ceremony.

You can choose the process that you would prefer.

A standard conversion

You and your partner will need to attend an appointment at any register office and complete a declaration about the details of your civil partnership.  We provide this service at the Barnsley Register Office.  To do the conversion we will need the following identification and documents:

  •  proof of your name and date of birth - current passports or birth certificates
  •  proof of your address - a recent council tax or utilities bill
  •  your original civil partnership certificate - copies are not accepted

We will draw up a legal declaration for you both to sign.  If you wish you can say the declaration wording aloud to one another before signing the conversion document.  Your marriage will then be registered and we will provide you with a marriage certificate.

A conversion followed by a ceremony

You will need to attend an appointment at a register office, and bring the documentation that is set out in the details about a standard conversion.

Following this you can have a ceremony at an approved venue.  You may choose to have your service at the Barnsley Register Office or at a religious building or another place that is registered for same sex marriages.

We can provide you with further details of the places that are registered.

If you are choosing to have a ceremony your marriage certificate will be issued afterwards. You can collect it in person or have it posted out to you by the registrar.