Getting married abroad

If you're getting married abroad, please visit the GOV.UK website for more details.

There's no facility for a notice to be taken in England and Wales for a marriage to take place in any of the Channel Islands, Isle of Man or commonwealth countries.

If you need a certificate of no impediment, please email registrationservices@barnsley.gov.uk with your name and phone number. We'll then call you to book an appointment.

If you need a letter of no trace, please contact the General Register Office on 0300 123 1837.

A marriage abroad will be legally recognised in the UK if it was contracted according to the law of the country in which it took place. You don't need to register the marriage in England afterwards.

Copies of your marriage/civil partnership certificate

You'll get one copy of your marriage/civil partnership certificate after your ceremony. This is unless you paid for extra copies when making your booking.

You won't get your certificate on the day of your ceremony. We'll take the schedule you sign back to the register office for us to complete the registration. We aim to do this within seven days. We'll then produce your certificate. You'll be able to collect it from the register office in the town hall. We can also post it to you, but this depends on the option you chose when booking your ceremony.

If you choose to change your name after your ceremony you'll need to tell other organisations about this. This includes your place of work, utility companies and your bank. Some of these may ask you to provide an original copy of your certificate to certify the changes.

You can request extra copies of your certificate at any time after your ceremony. Find out about how to order copy certificates.

If you already have children with your partner

If you and your partner already have children together there's a legal requirement to re-register their birth after your ceremony.

Read about making changes to a birth certificate if your child's birth was registered in Barnsley.

If your child's birth wasn't registered in Barnsley you should contact the register office where the registration originally took place.

Changing the name on your passport

You can get a new passport in your new name either before or after your ceremony. Read about changing your name on your passport on GOV.UK.

After your ceremony

You'll need to send a copy of your marriage/civil partnership certificate when you apply for a passport in your new name.

Before your ceremony

If you apply before your ceremony, your old passport will be cancelled. Your new one will be post-dated and become valid on the date of your ceremony.

You need to send a passports for newly weds and civil partners form (PD2 form) when you apply for a passport. Read the guidance about passports for newly weds and civil partners for more details.

When you've filled in your section of the PD2 form, please bring it to the register office for us to sign for you. You don't need to make an appointment and we don't charge for this service. See our opening hours and where we are.