Food labelling and regulations

Regulatory Services provide advice and enforcement to make sure consumers are not misled by food labelling. This makes sure they’re given the correct details about food content and allergens so they can make an informed choice. Read the Food Standards Agency allergen guidance for food businesses.

Food labels are there to give us information on what we're eating. This gives us, as consumers, more choice. Find out about how pre-packed food must be labelled.

The law requires all food businesses to label food that is pre-packed for direct sale (PPDS) with:

  • the name of the food
  • a full ingredients list that emphasises the presence of allergens

This is known as Natasha's Law. You can find out more in the guidance below:

Wakefield Council have also developed a short training programme which covers 'may contain' allergen statements. This is also a useful tool for raising awareness of allergens in general.

Reporting a food labelling issue

You can report a food labelling issue using our online form. You can also use it to:

  • make a complaint about a misleading product
  • report incorrect allergen information
  • request advice on food labelling

Medical centres, pharmacies and community centres can help by displaying our poster to encourage people to report allergen 'near misses' after eating at commercial food premises.