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Able to work

Having a learning disability or an additional support need doesn’t mean that people can’t work or learn new skills; it just means that they may need a little extra help along the way.

It's estimated that 20% of the UK population have some disability or additional support need, affecting their ability to get a job. We have a talent pool of eager and hardworking future employees who make a great addition to businesses.

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To find out how supported employment could assist you in finding quality candidates looking for an opportunity to showcase their skills and talents, please get in touch and arrange an informal discussion (in person, by phone or online) with our supported employment service. Here you’ll be able to have your questions and queries answered, receive more details surrounding service delivery and much more.

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What is supported employment?

Supported employment enables individuals with a learning disability, or additional support needs to succeed in the workplace. We help showcase their talents and helping to mitigate the barriers that this group face when applying for jobs.

How do we support businesses and people?

We first understand the individual by assessing their skills, identifying their strengths and understanding their areas of development. Then we work to understand the employer, engaging with you to determine what drives your organisation. We look at what skills you require in your business and what skills they need to excel.

Supported employment then provides support and facilitate the learning of new skills relative to the job role through a team of professionally trained and dedicated job coaches. We then match quality candidates with available work opportunities, supporting their path to success and supporting your business.

Why might people need additional support?

People may need additional support for various reasons, including where complex recruitment processes cause anxiety, low confidence, learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorder, and many more. These conditions affect someone throughout their entire life, which means they may need extra support with everyday tasks, including finding employment.

Characteristics of additional support needs

While each of the individuals we support is very different, they often share some characteristics. For instance, they may struggle with literacy such as handwriting and spelling, numeracy including counting money or telling the time and communication such as speaking confidently or understanding instructions.

Because of this, additional support is provided by a job coach who will facilitate workplace learning, help develop their confidence and promote their independence.

Benefits to your business

Working with us and Able is an excellent opportunity to bring more hardworking, dedicated and diverse individuals into your workforce.  Working with us gives you access to a much larger pool of candidates with untapped skills and potential. 

You could also see:

  • Reduction in recruitment costs. We can help you source the right person for your business.
  • Job roles becoming more sustainable as potential employees are carefully matched to vacancies through comprehensive vocational profiling.
  • Your workforce gaining more knowledge and understanding of diversity and inclusivity by applying it within your organisation.

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