Best practice

We can advise early years and childcare professionals on best practice in relation to the Early Years Foundation Stage. We can also keep you up-to-date on new legislation and prepare your setting for its Ofsted inspections.

We've also included a list of best practice ideas collected from other childcare professionals that you can use in your own childcare setting. If there are other examples you'd like to add, just let us know.

Risk assessments

The law says you must assess and manage the health and safety risks of your business.  In a risk assessment, you carefully examine what in your work could cause people harm. This will determine if you have taken enough precautions, or if you should do more to prevent harm.' (HSE Website).

We have templates and guidance to support childcare providers with risk assessments including trips and outings.  Select completed examples or blank templates from the list below:

Risk assessment templates     Example risk assessments
Generic risk assessment Outdoor play
Risk assessment checklist Checklist for baby room
Risk assessments for visits Childminder - Cannon Hall fun day 
Feeding ducks and cafe 
Fun day
Playground and cafe

Accidents and child development

The guidance booklet for practitioners on Accidents and Child Development is one of a series of four publications addressing topics in child safety and injury prevention. They're aimed at anyone involved with the safety or care of children, who has the opportunity to promote safety to parents, carers and decision makers, or control the environment where children spend their time.


Ofsted feedback posters are available on a CD so that you can add comments from your Ofsted report for display in reception areas.  Please get in touch if you would like one.