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New regulations

There have been major changes to building regulations from 1 October 2023. As a result, how we do things in Building Control have also now changed which will impact on your project.

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Are you considering a building project?

You'll know that your project is in safe hands when you have one of our experienced building control surveyors to support you.  Whatever the size or your building project, whether you're a homeowner planning an extension or a housing developer, we can offer you a unique and cost-effective service from pre-application through to completion, to make sure your project is finished on-time and to the highest standard.

Do I also need planning permission?

For many types of building work, separate permission for both planning and building regulations will be required. If you are in any doubt, take a look at our planning applications page.

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What are building regulations?

Building regulations are national standards that are set to ensure buildings are safe, healthy and accessible. They're different to planning applications that look at the design of a building. Depending on your project, you may need both planning and building regulation approval. 

The regulations can seem complicated for first-time developers. If you're not sure how they apply to your project, we recommend that you ask for our advice before you start any work. When you've finished your build, getting the work certified by us shows that it meets compliance, to you and future owners.

You'll find everything you need to know about building regulations, including how to submit your plans and apply for approval here. 

We have an enforcement policy which is available on request.    

Find out if you need approval

Planning an extension or altering a building? Developing residential homes or retail builds? Find out what consent you may need to start your project.

Submit an application

Whether you're a homeowner or developer, you'll find all the forms you'll need and our fees here. You can start work in as little as 48 hours after we've received your application.

Book an inspection

We can check your project during the build to make sure it complies with the regulations. We offer a same day inspection service if requested before 9.30am.

Unauthorised building work

We can take legal action if you don't notify us about your building work. If you're selling or buying a property that doesn't have building approval, you may be able to apply for a retrospective inspection.

Get permission to demolish a building

If you want to demolish a building, or part of one, you'll need to give us six weeks notice by filling in a form, before you begin any demolition.

Report a dangerous building

You can report a dangerous building using our online form and we'll inspect it and take action to make it safe. If it's urgent please call us instead on (01226) 772678 or 772679.

Report building site noise and pollution

It's usual to expect some noise and dust from a building site, but if work is starting early and finishing late, or taking place at weekends, you can ask us to investigate it.

Register street names and numbers

If you're a developer you can apply to us to name new streets and number houses.

Become a registered partner

Join other developers, architects, building contractors and house builders, and partner with us under the LABC Partner Authority Scheme. The benefits include a single local point of contact and application approval of all your nationwide projects.  


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Site inspections app

The Local Authority Building Control (LABC) have created a smartphone app which allows you to get an inspection digitally. The app can look your site up, either with GPS or by using a postcode, and means you no longer need to wait until you’re back in the office to book your inspection. 

The app will submit your site inspection request and preferred date and time of inspection to the right local authority building control team.

More about the LABC site inspection app