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EYFS reforms

The revised Early Years Foundation Stage will become statutory from September 2021. The changes to the EYFS Statutory Framework are being made to improve the outcomes for children at age 5, particularly in early language and literacy as well as to reduce workload such as unnecessary paperwork, to enable you as practitioners to spend more time with the children that you care for. This page contains the key documents and information to help you implement the changes in your setting and will be updated as more information becomes available.

Key documents

Our support - getting ready for the EYFS reforms

In order to support professionals to prepare for the EYFS reform, we will be offering a variety of support materials and information sessions.

Watch the EYC Team's webinar on changes to EYFS reforms.

The stepped approach document has been produced to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of how to adapt the practice to address the forthcoming statutory changes in the EYFS and plan ahead for September 2021. The document is split into three sections: Step 1 finding out, Step 2 planning change and Step 3 implementation.

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Guidance and non-statutory documents

Statutory framework

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