Safeguarding children in Barnsley

These pages are for people working directly with children and their families in Barnsley.

The Barnsley Safeguarding Children Partnership supports a multi-agency approach to promoting better outcomes for children and young people and protecting them from harm and neglect. 

These webpages give practitioners and professionals from all statutory, voluntary and community organisations access to important safeguarding information, guidance and resources including:

Children's Social Work Matters

Children's social workers across Yorkshire and Humber make a positive difference to the lives of hundreds of children, young people and their families in difficult circumstances everyday.

Children's Social Work Matters is a programme that aims to attract and support children's social workers and to improve social work practice across the Yorkshire and Humber region.

If you're a children's social worker, make sure you register with our local Children's Social Work Matters to stay up to date with social work news, connect with colleagues and get exclusive access to monthly webinars.

Are you aware of ICON?

ICON aims to prevent abusive head trauma in babies by helping parents understand that crying is normal and supports them to develop ways of managing crying without getting to the stage where they feel like harming the baby (usually by shaking).

The ICON message is being given by midwives and health visitors prior to, and after birth.

If you are working with families with new babies, please ask them how they are doing, remind them of the ICON message, and that they can get support if needed.

  • I - Infant crying is normal and peaks around 6 weeks of age
  • C - Comforting methods can help soothe a baby and crying may stop
  • O - It's OK to walk away for a few minutes if crying is becoming too much, as long as the baby is safe
  • N - Never ever shake a baby - it can lead to serious lifelong injuries and death

Further information can be found online at ICON.

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