Primary school places

If your child was born between 1 September 2014 and 31 August 2015, they’ll be ready for starting school in September 2019.

Before you apply for your child a place, please look at the information in our booklet Admission to School - Academic Year 2019-20 - Advice to Parents.

Applying for a place before 15 January 2019

For your child to start primary school in September 2019, you need to apply for a place before the deadline of 15 January 2019. There are two ways you can do this:

  • apply online for your child to start primary school (up to the deadline of 15 January 2019).

  • complete a paper application form (from any primary school or from School Admissions) and return it to the headteacher of your preferred primary school or to School Admissions, PO Box 634, Barnsley S70 9GG (up to the deadline of 15 January 2019)

Applying for a place after 15 January 2019

From midnight on 15 January 2019, you'll no longer be able to apply for a primary school place online.

You can still apply for a place by filling in a paper application form (from any primary school or from School Admissions) and returning it to School Admissions.

Filling in your application if you live in Barnsley

You can include up to three schools on your application, which you should rank in order of your preference – 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

Your preferences can include any primary school in Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham, Sheffield, Wakefield or Kirklees.  If the school you prefer is outside Barnsley, it’s always best to get in touch with the council in that area to check what their admissions criteria are. Use these links to their admissions web pages for more information.

If you’re applying for a place at a voluntary aided school, you’ll need to complete the school’s supplementary information form and attach any documents they ask for. The form is available from primary schools or from School Admissions.

Once you’ve filled in your form stating your preferences, hand it in to your first preference school or send it to School Admissions. Make sure the school gives you a receipt for your application, which you need to keep.

If you live outside Barnsley

If you don’t live in Barnsley, don’t use the Barnsley application form or Barnsley's online system.

Contact the school admissions service at your local council for a copy of their school admissions booklet and fill in the form included in it.

Tips for completing your application

  • Make sure the information you include is accurate
  • Complete all sections of the application
  • Make sure you sign all forms and letters - you may need to provide proof of guardianship
  • If you're asked for proof of change of address, a tenancy agreement or solicitor's letter confirming exchange of contracts can be used
  • If you're asked to provide copies of documents confirming that your child is registered at your address, you can provide any of the following: child benefit book; information relating to Working Tax Credit/Childcare Tax Credit; letter from your doctor/hospital appointment/dentist; child's bank statement; medical card.

What happens next

We’ll get in touch with you on 16 April 2019 to tell you the name of the school at which we can offer your child a place. If you applied online, we’ll email you; if you submitted a paper application, we’ll write to you.

If a place is available at your first preference school: we’ll offer your child a place there.

If there are only places available at your second or third preference schools: we’ll offer your child a place at one of these schools, but place your child’s name on the waiting lists of any schools you’ve ranked higher.

If places are available at more than one of the schools your prefer: we’ll offer your child a place at the school you’ve ranked highest on your form.

If places aren’t available at any of the schools you prefer: we’ll offer your child a place at the school or academy nearest your address that has places available.

If you don’t want to accept the place we offer, you must tell School Admissions in writing within 10 working days of receiving your offer, and confirm the alternative arrangements you have made for your child's education. 

Make an appeal

If you don’t get a place for your child at the school you prefer, you can appeal to an independent appeal panel. To do this, you have to complete a Notice of Appeal form, and return it to School Admissions by 15 May 2019.

Appeals will be held between May and July 2019. We have to comply with infant class size legislation and this may determine the type of appeal.

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