Zero Fare Pass for school travel

A Zero Fare Pass entitles a child to travel for free on public transport to school and back.

It's valid at certain times in the day, from Monday to Friday during term time only, for school age children up to the end of year 11.

It can only be used for travel on public transport between the bus stop nearest your home address and the bus stop nearest to your school. These are not dedicated school buses and other fare paying passengers are entitled to use them.

Who can apply for a Zero Fare Pass

To qualify, your child needs to be in full time education at school and fall into one or more of the following groups: 

  • you live too far away from your nearest school with available places to walk:
            - pupils aged five to seven who live above two miles from school
             -pupils aged eight to sixteen who live above three miles from school

  • your family receives either the highest level of Working Tax Credits or free school meals - and transport costs are preventing you from applying for certain schools
  • you've moved house when your child was in year 10 or 11 - and you now live more than three miles away from the school they already attend 

To find out more, please see the Home to school travel assistance policy 2018-2020

When to apply

If you qualify for a pass it will last for the full school year. You'll need to reapply each year because we have to check that you're still eligible for a pass:

  • if you apply before 30 June we'll send your pass before the end of August

  • we can't guarantee that you'll receive your pass before the new school year if you've applied after 30 June

Discounted travel for students aged 16 to 19

Students who are aged 16 to 19 and in further education can apply for a range of discounted travel options including:

  • 16-18 student pass
  • zero fare pass at the same price as the fares that would have been paid
  • 16-19 travelmaster
  • student travelmaster

You'll find more information in our transport policy statement for learners aged 16-18 in further education and continuing learners aged 19 and over.

Transport for children with special needs

There's a different application form and process for home to school travel for children with a special need, disability or mobility problem that you can read more about here.

Lost or stolen passes

You'll need to email South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive to ask for a replacement pass if yours has been lost or stolen. There is a charge to replace a pass and it will only be valid up to the date on the original. 

How to apply for a Zero Fare Pass

You can only apply for or renew a Zero Fare Pass by filling in our online form below. We don't send out paper application forms.

Before you start the form

New application - you'll need to upload a photo. As part of your application you'll be able to either take a photo, or crop one that you already have to the right size. 

Renewal - you don't need a new photo unless your child's appearance has changed significantly since you first applied. 

All applications - if you're applying for a Zero Fare Pass because you're on the highest level of Working Tax Credit you'll need to upload your award letter.

You don't need to upload any evidence if you're applying because your child is entitled to free school meals, we'll check our records to confirm this. 

What happens next

When we receive your application we'll check the details you've given us against our records, to decide if your child qualifies for a pass. We'll aim to contact you within 28 days if you're not eligible for a pass.

If we don't contact you, you can assume that your application has been successful. 

Travel South Yorkshire will send your pass to your home address. 

If you lose your pass you'll need to pay Travel South Yorkshire for a replacement.