Schools Forum

All councils are required by government to have a Schools Forum.

The Schools Forum acts as both a consultative and decision making body. Schools can put forward their views to the council on matters such as:

  • the allocation and distribution of funding
  • supplies and services
  • arrangements for special educational needs
  • the use of pupil referral units
  • free school meals
  • the funding of early years provision.


The Schools Forum is made up of people from schools and academies, as well as other non-school bodies. These could be nurseries and 14-19 education settings.

Schools group representatives

Primary school headteachers

  • Simon Tabbiner
  • Joe Woffinden

Primary school governors

  • Stephen Morgan 

Primary academy headteachers

  • Victoria Gorton

Primary academy governors

  • Adrian England 
  • Michael Sanderson, Chair of the Forum
  • Peter Bell

Secondary school headteachers

  • Paul Crook 

Secondary school governors

  • Vacancy

Secondary academy headteachers

  • Paul Haynes
  • Vicky Harrison
  • Jonathan Mitchell 
  • Anna Rooney

Secondary academy governors

  • Margaret Gostelow 

Free school, faith school and other school representatives

  • Vacancy 

Non-schools group representatives

Special education provision headteachers

  • Josh Greaves 

Special education provision governors

  • Vacancy

Alternative education provision

  • Josh Greaves 

Nursery education

  • Simon Sykes

Early years provision

  • Melanie Szoke

Education for young people aged 14-19

  • Neil Wilkinson

Local Authority elected member representatives

  • Cllr Ashley Peace
  • Cllr Janine Moyes

Teaching profession representative

  • Vacancy

Diocesan representative

  • Vacancy

Member protocol

The local guide to the Barnsley Schools Forum includes reference to the: 

  • constitution 
  • terms of reference 
  • role and responsibilities
  • membership

It also includes details on how it aspires to discharge it's role and duties under the Schools Forum (England) Regulations (2012).

Member allowances

Schools Forum members get money for things like financial loss and travel. The full details can be found in the guidance on allowances for Schools Forum members.


All Schools Forum meetings are minuted.

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