Schools Forum membership

Schools Forum is made up of representatives from schools, academies, and other non-school organisations. These include nursery and 14-19 education.

Membership of the Barnsley Schools Forum

Schools group representatives

Primary school headteachers

  • Vacancy

Primary school governors

  • Stephen Morgan 

Primary academy headteachers

  • Victoria Gorton

Primary academy governors

  • Adrian England 
  • Michael Sanderson, Chair of the Forum
  • Sandra James
  • Peter Bell

Secondary school headteachers

  • Paul Crook 

Secondary school governors

  • Vacancy

Secondary academy headteachers

  • Paul Haynes
  • Vicky Harrison

Secondary academy governors

  • Margaret Gostelow 

Free school, faith school and other school representatives

  • Vacancy 

Non-schools group representatives

Special education provision headteachers

  • Josh Greaves 
  • Molly Beever

Special education provision governors

  • Vacancy

Alternative education provision

  • Josh Greaves 

Nursery education

  • Vacancy

Early years provision

  • Melanie Szoke

Education for young people aged 14-19

  • Neil Wilkinson

Local Authority elected member representatives

  • Cllr Jo Newing
  • Cllr Janine Moyes

Teaching profession representative

  • Ayesha Baggley 

Diocesan representative

  • Vacancy