Love Where You Live

Love Where You Live is all about finding ways to make Barnsley a place we can all take pride in, now and in the future. 

There are hundreds of events and volunteering opportunities taking place  throughout the borough, so you can get involved, wherever you live.

Why should I volunteer?

There are lots of things that affect how we feel about where we live; how it looks, what there is to do there and how safe we feel.  Addressing all these different areas isn't something that the council can do alone, everyone can make  a difference to where they live and by working together we can achieve great things.

Volunteering is something many of us do already and may not even think of it as volunteering. It  can take a number of forms, from one off community work like a street clean-up to more regular helping out older people on your street, or working in a charity shop. 

Whatever you can do in your area will make a big difference, whether that’s being involved in a group or doing something individually. 

We work closely with organisations including Voluntary Action Barnsley to promote and encourage volunteering and to support people who want to get involved, either because they have some free time and want to help out, or as a stepping stone to paid employment.

How do I get involved?

You can find out more about Love Where You Live volunteering activities and many other opportunities for volunteering on the Volunteer in Barnsley website. 

You can also find Love Where You Live on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, where you can see photos of people involved in projects such as community clean-ups, bulb-planting and event-planning. 

We welcome your ideas about how to improve where you live.  There may be other like-minded people who live in your area too, who would be happy to join you in making some improvements.

To help you and your community to turn your ideas into reality we've created a Love Where You Live toolkit that is full of lots of helpful tips and advice on how you can promote your event and encourage people to get involved.

If you need some funding for a project, and can demonstrate that it meets local priorities for your area you can apply through your ward alliance.