Love Where You Live

Love Where You Live is all about finding ways to make Barnsley a place we can all be proud of.

There are hundreds of events and volunteering opportunities across the borough, so you can get involved wherever you live.

We work with organisations like Barnsley CVS to encourage people to volunteer. If you want to get involved, because you have some free time or as a stepping stone to paid employment, we can help.

Reasons to volunteer

There's lots of things that affect how we feel about where we live: how it looks, what there is to do, and how safe we feel. 

Addressing all these areas isn't something we can do on our own, and everyone can make a difference to where they live. By working together we can achieve great things!

Many of us already volunteer, without even thinking it's volunteering. You might do a one-off street clean-up where you live, help out older people on your street, or work in a charity shop. Whatever you can do in your area, either by yourself or as a group, makes a big difference.

The video below shows how the Friends of Stairfoot group work together to make Barnsley a better place where they love to live.

Visit our YouTube channel to see examples of volunteering from across the borough. These include at Owd Martha's Yard in Hoyland, at Barnsley Main Colliery and Springvale community garden in Penistone.

Getting involved

You can find volunteering opportunities on the Barnsley CVS website, or contact your local area team.

You can also follow Love Where You Live on Facebook or X. We post photos of people taking part in projects like community clean-ups and bulb-planting, as well upcoming activities you could get involved with.

Organising your own events

We like to hear your ideas about how to improve where you live. You might even find other like-minded people in your area who'd be happy to get together to make improvements.

You can also apply for funding through your ward alliance for a project if you can show that it meets the local priorities for your area.