Homes for Ukraine Council Tax help

Regulations have been introduced to support those hosting relevant Ukrainian persons who came to the UK under the Homes for Ukraine scheme with Homes for Ukraine visas. This is to ensure there is no negative impact on the host's Council Tax.

Council Tax discounts and exemptions

If you have an existing discount or exemption and are hosting relevant Ukrainian person(s) in your household, the Council Tax bill will stay in your name. However, you must tell us about this change so we can update your records.

  • Single person discount
    If you’re hosting a relevant Ukrainian person(s) and you have a single person discount, you won't lose this discount.

  • Exempt properties
    If you’re hosting a relevant Ukrainian person(s) and you have one of the following exemptions on the property, your entitlement to this exemption won't be affected:
    • Unoccupied property exemptions include Class B, D, E, F, H, I, J, K, L, Q and T.
    • Occupied property exemptions include Class N, S and U.

You can tell us about the change using our online form. You'll need to tell us the date the relevant Ukrainian person(s) moved in and their full name(s). You also need to upload evidence of their Homes for Ukraine visa(s) using our evidence form.

Second homes

If you pay the full rate of Council Tax for an empty property and you have relevant Ukrainian person(s) solely occupying this, they will be disregarded for the bill. As such, the Council Tax bill will be reduced to 50%.

The Council Tax bill will be updated into the name of the occupier(s) of the property. We'll issue an updated bill for this. Although the provider of the property may wish to pay the bill on the occupier's behalf, the bill will remain in the name of the occupier.

You'll need to fill in our change of address form so a new Council Tax account can be set up in the name of the occupier.

You also need to:

  • Apply for a Council Tax discount for the relevant Ukrainian national(s) to be disregarded.
  • Upload evidence of the Homes for Ukraine visa(s) for all occupier(s) using our evidence form.