Tell our Council Tax service about a death

If you need to tell us somebody who paid Council Tax has died, please fill in our online form.


If the property was solely owned, you need tell us the date of the owner's death. We'll put an exemption on the Council Tax account from this date so that no further Council Tax payments are due.

If the property was jointly owned and the other owner is staying in the property, we'll amend the Council Tax bill to show the necessary changes.

Berneslai Homes and private rented tenancies

You'll need to tell us the following details when a tenant has died.

If they were a sole tenant:

  • their date of death
  • the date their tenancy ended

If the property was jointly rented with another person, either the:

  • name of the new tenancy holder
  • date the tenancy will end if they're moving out

Information for landlords

If you're a landlord and your sole tenant in a property has died, the executors of their estate will be responsible for paying any Council Tax owed. 

If a tenancy ends and the deceased account becomes liable again, a one month local discount and empty unoccupied/unfurnished charge will be applied to the account. The exemption only applies if the deceased person has been living in the property.


If a property has been put into probate following a death, it will be exempt from Council Tax charges for six months. 

Contact us online if you need more information about reporting a death to our Council Tax service. You can also find other ways to contact us.