Space and event bookings

We can support you to find a suitable venue for your event in Barnsley. We can offer advice and guidance on whether you need a licence and also support you to list an event. 

We've got a great range of suitable spaces across the borough and can support you to find the space you need.

How to book a space for an event

Planning your event

We're committed to supporting lawful and secure events, working with you to enable activities that are safely planned to proceed lawfully by:

  • seeking to agree on any necessary control measures
  • applying restrictions rather than prohibitions where practical
  • using enforcement powers only where this is necessary
  • providing advice and guidance where applicable

Notifying us of your event

To notify us of your event, please fill in our event notification (ENF1) form and email it to us at

Our decisions on event authorisation are made on a case-by-case basis. If the proposed event/activity is deemed of appropriate size and concern, this  will be referred to the Safety Advisory Group (SAG) for further review.

Any permission to hold an event, activity or attraction on our land is issued on the understanding that it may be withdrawn at the last minute should any of these conditions not be met. It's the responsibility of the event organiser to have appropriate insurance, and we won't accept any liability for any financial loss.

This may be applicable for venue owners and private landowners in relation to hires. Organisers should confirm this detail in advance of planning.

What you need to include

You'll need to include detailed plans for your event with your ENF1 form:

  • details of the event content
  • maps and layout plans
  • traffic management proposals
  • medical considerations
  • waste management proposals
  • hire agreements for the land or venues intended to be used (both council-owned or private)

You'll also need a risk assessment outlining COVID-19 mitigations and NHS Test and Trace processes. 

If you have any queries, email our event planning team at

Find out more about event planning from the Association of Event Organisers.

What happens next

Your documents will be reviewed by the event Safety Advisory Group (SAG), which is formed of key council officers and senior representatives from emergency services and other partner agencies.

They'll follow five steps to review and comment on the proposed event:

  1. Event organiser completes ENF1 form and submits appropriate event plans for review.
  2. Plans reviewed by SAG panel - feedback given to organiser for amendments or event moved to stage 4.
  3. Organiser presents event plans via virtual SAG review forum or socially-distanced site visit.
  4. Event authorised or stepped back to stage 2 for further review.
  5. Post-event review if required.

The panel will review your COVID-19 risk assessment. The SAG panel will then decide whether permission is granted for your event to take place.

The Safety Advisory Group (SAG)

​The Safety Advisory Group and event application process are in place to provide event organisers with professional advice and guidance. 

Please note:

  • All advice and guidance by the organisations and individuals involved in the safety advisory group is given in good faith.
  • The responsibility of the event organiser to apply the advice, ensuring the required guidance and regulation are met.
  • Health and safety must be a key part of the planning and operation.
  • The safety of the event is the responsibility of the event organiser.
  • It's the responsibility of the event organiser to ensure all safety certificates and relevant documentation of all parties providing services to the event are correct and up to date. 
  • It's not the role of the Safety Advisory Group to assist in the planning of the event or the writing of the event plan.

The Barnsley event Safety Advisory Group (SAG) advises on safety aspects for public events planned to take place in the Barnsley area. The SAG can assist in providing a 'one stop' approach to communication with all the agencies likely to be involved in the planning, management or response for an event.

The purpose of the SAG

The purpose of the SAG is to offer guidance to help organisers discharge their responsibilities. The group will consider plans presented by the organisers on the content and structure of the safety elements of the event. It is not the role of the group to assist in the planning of the event or the writing of the plan.

The membership of the SAG comprises of senior officers from various agencies operating in the Barnsley district, including the emergency services (police, fire and rescue service and Yorkshire Ambulance Service). It is chaired by our arts and events manager.


The main objectives are:

  • To promote high levels of safety and welfare at events by giving advice and guidance.
  • To promote good practice in safety and welfare planning for events.
  • To ensure events cause minimal adverse impact to the community.

COVID-19 objectives

The COVID-19 objective are to:

  • Ensure thorough a thorough risk assessment is carried out.
  • Ensure all reasonable steps taken to mitigate viral transmission:
    • Risk assessment are completed and COVID-19 secure guidance is followed.
    • Ensuring social distancing and household bubbles are maintained at all times.
    • Taking additional steps to prevent large gatherings or mass events from taking place.
  • Prevent pressure on public and local transport network and capacities.
  • Prevent activities which pose a risk to a localised outbreak.

Although all comments and observations made by the SAG are always advisory, they are made by professionals in the interest of public safety and should not be dismissed lightly.

Organising a street party

If you're planning to hold a small, private street party we can provide you with a range of support and advice.

Please submit the relevant information so that we can make sure that the event you're planning is safe and delivered lawfully.

If you have any questions about planning your event, email our event planning team at

More information

The GOV.UK organising a street party guidance sets out what you need to think about and busts some myths about what’s needed.

The Street Party Site is a great place for information to help you to plan your event. It includes a guide to planning, frequently asked questions and a handy list for what to do and when.  

Temporary event licences

If you're wanting to carry out a licensable activity on unlicensed premises you'll need to apply for a temporary event licence.

You'll also need to apply for a temporary event licence if the activity is not included in the terms of your existing licence

Find out more about temporary event licences

More information

Location filming requests and media enquiries

Find out about permissions for filming and media requests.

Alcohol licenses

If you'll be selling alcohol from your premises you'll be required to purchase an alcohol licence.

Events, parades and demonstrations

We can offer advice when setting up your event, parade or demonstration in Barnsley.

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