Infectious diseases

Public Health regulations exist to try and control outbreaks of infectious diseases.  All cases of certain diseases must be reported to us. These are known as 'notifiable diseases'.

We work with Public Health England (PHE) to investigate:

  • Individual cases and outbreaks of gastro enteritis. We do this in partnership with NHS nurses from Community Health Care who also provide guidance for control of outbreaks in nursing and residential homes, day centres, children's settings and education establishments.
  •  Legionella cases where we work with the employers, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Public Health England (PHE) to identify potential sources of infection and to try and prevent further cases.

You can find out more about infectious diseases from Public Health England (PHE)

For helpful advice around infectious diseases and when children can return to school, please take a look at our 'when can my child return to school' info-graphic.