Selective licensing scheme

Barnsley Council have received a proposal to legally challenge the Council’s decision to take forward the Selective Licensing scheme in the four designations of the borough. Whilst we believe that the grounds for the decision can be evidenced, we believe it to be good practice to review information stated and report findings back to cabinet as soon as is reasonably practicable before continuing. All those parties affected by the decision will receive further information in due course.

Advice and information relating to the delay in implementing the scheme can be obtained upon request in Polish and Russian. Please contact Jerzy Czuba  01226 775264 or email

Porady i informacje dotyczące opóźnień w realizacji programu można uzyskać na życzenie w języku polskim oraz rosyjskim. Skontaktuj się z Jerzy Czuba pod nr 01226 775264; adres   emailowy –

Консультация и информация , связанная с задержкой в реализации схемы (программа) может быть получена по запросу на польском и русском языках. Пожалуйста, свяжитесь с Jerzy Czuba,  номер телефона 01226 775264; адрес электронной почты -

During summer 2017 the council consulted on proposals to introduce selective licensing in certain areas of the borough. The scheme was proposed to address issues of antisocial behaviour, deprivation and crime. 

Streets included in the scheme

Elsecar: Welland Crescent 

Goldthorpe: Beever Street, Victoria Street, Cross Street, Cooperative Street, Claycliffe Terrace

Measborough Dike: Pindar Street, Sunderland Terrace, Seth Terrace, Osbourne Street, Evelyn Terrace, Ivy Terrace, Burton Terrace, Junction Street and Terrace, Jubliee Terrace, Victor Terrace, Doncaster Road (174-278), King Georges Terrace

Wombwell: John Street, Mount Terrace, William Street, Blythe Street, Main Street, Bond Street, Myrtle Road, Victoria Road, York Street, Frederick Street, Princess Street, Bartholomew Street, Barnsley Road (1-99), West Street, Western Terrace, School Street

Please see the designation notice and maps for each area. You can also view these at the following locations:

  • Wellington House, Wellington Street, Barnsley, S70 1WA
  • Goldthorpe Library
  • Wombwell Library
  • Elsecar, The Hoyland Centre, High Croft, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74 9AF

How does this affect landlords?

Landlords will be required to apply for a licence for each property they let in those streets included under the scheme.

Landlords have the option of joining an accreditation scheme provider agreed by us, at a reduced licence fee. Failing that, the property will be licensed by the council’s selective licensing scheme.

Landlords are expected to meet the licence conditions set, but note that there are also licence-specific obligations for tenants.

Within the scheme, the accreditation providers will ensure a robust framework for landlords to work within to achieve an approved set of standards, to reduce antisocial behaviour, deprivation and crime.

More advice will be made available shortly about the agreed accreditation scheme providers and how to apply for a licence.

Licence fees

Properties accredited (an approved Barnsley council provider must be used) £115 per property 
Properties not accredited £530 per property 

All fees are paid by a single payment, which covers the five year period of the licensing scheme.  Please note, some approved accredited providers may also have additional fees.  Further details of the approved accredited providers contact details and additional fees will be updated shortly.

Further information

You can read a copy of the letter sent to residents about selective licensing. This is also available in Polish and Romanian languages.

For private landlords we have a guide about dealing with anti-social behaviour.