About the team

As part of our team you'll get the chance to make positive changes with the families you work with.

We decide if it’s necessary to investigate under Section 47, alongside the police and other professionals. We also do Section 17 assessments - when there might be children at risk of harm or in need of services. We provide immediate, short-term input into the lives of children and their families.  Determine if they're at risk and find appropriate support quickly. We also look at the wider support network around those children.

We're there right at the beginning of the journey with families, to determine if children are at risk of significant harm. We might develop a child in need plan or refer to early help services if that’s more appropriate.

We'll escalate concerns if we need to, in line with safeguarding legislation.  We're always working to identify the right support for children and their families.

Reasons to join us

Join our team and you'll benefit from:

  • a very supportive team, with managers who are available and approachable
  • the chance to be creative and think on your feet - to make sure children get the support they need quickly
  • great team morale
  • regular support and supervision
  • access to training and other development options
  • 'stop the clock' catch-up meetings
  • co-location with the police and health teams, which prevents delays
  • variety - our job is different every day

We're part of a wider team and all work really well together.  As we're involved with families in crisis, we have to building relationships with them.  This can be over a short period while we assess their situation.

We'll always do whatever we can to help. So join us - you won't be disappointed!

Jordan - social worker

Hear from our social workers

Children’s social work is the most challenging thing I've ever done, but it’s also the most rewarding job. When I have a breakthrough with a family and see the positive changes taking place in front of me, it cements why I do what I do.

- Jordan (social worker)