Jobs and training for disabled people

When you're looking for work, watch out for the 'disability confident' logo on adverts and application forms. The logo means the employer is committed to employing disabled people. 

If a job advert displays the logo, you'll be guaranteed an interview if you meet the basic conditions for the job.

Disability employment advisers

Ask to speak to a disability employment adviser (DEA)at your local Jobcentre. They can help you find a job or gain new skills and tell you about disability friendly employers in your area.

They can also refer you to a specialist work psychologist, if appropriate, or carry out an 'employment assessment', where they'll ask you about your skills and experience and what kind of roles you're interested in.

Programmes and grants

Your DEA can tell you about programmes and grants to help you back into work. These include:

  • Work Choice - to help you find a job, and get support when you start work.
  • Residential Training - to give you work experience and training.
  • Access to Work - money towards a support worker or for the cost of equipment or travelling to work.

Questions about your health or disability

An employer shouldn't normally ask you questions about your health or disability before they offer you a job. Reasons for doing so are very limited, for example to:

  • make 'reasonable adjustments', for example if you need a large print version of a test
  • decide if you can do something that's an essential part of the job

If you're treated unfairly when you apply for a job, contact the Equality and Human Rights Commission. You may also be able to take a complaint to an employment tribunal but you have to do this within three months of the discrimination happening.

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