Working for Barnsley Council means you’re contributing to our vision: Barnsley - the place of possibilities.

We want you to be proud to work for this organisation, where the commitment and dedication of all our employees puts the customer at the heart of everything we do.

In recognition of your contribution to deliver our vision and values, the council offers a wide variety of employee rewards to attract, develop, motivate and retain the very best people in every role.

Just4You is a quick reference guide to the rewards you can access. It covers information on pay and pension schemes, flexible working, holiday entitlements, personal development opportunities and our Wider Wallet package, which helps your money to go further through a range of discounts and salary sacrifice schemes.

As well as telling you about employee rewards, we want you to be happy and healthy at work, and you can access a range of health and wellbeing support services through our Well@Work initiative.

Below, you can also find out about the award and recognition schemes we run which celebrate individual and team successes and achievements.

We hope you find all this information valuable, and you take advantage of the employee benefits available through Just4You.

Living our values

We have an inspiring vision to make Barnsley the place of possibilities. This vision is supported by four values that inform everything we do. They help us to improve and grow together to achieve great things for Barnsley.

What are we like?

Our core values were developed by our employees. They set out the way we work, the way ‘we do things around here’, and help all our colleagues to pull together to deliver exceptional services and support for the people of Barnsley. Our values are:

We’re honest

We always say what we mean. Most of all we’re reliable, fair and true.

We’re a team

We all work together towards the same goal of making Barnsley a better place for the people who live, work and visit here.

We’ll be excellent

We work really hard to provide the best quality and value for money for the people of Barnsley. Only our best is good enough.

We’re proud

We’re dedicated to making Barnsley a better place. We take pride in our work.

Our four values

Performance and development - helping you grow

A job that works for you

We want you to enjoy working here and to work hard for the benefit of Barnsley and its people. We'll support you every step of the way, from your initial induction through to your personal development and ongoing career.

Your development matters

Off to a good start

When you start work with us you’ll go through a well-structured induction programme. You’ll be assigned a buddy who you can turn to for advice, help and support. Throughout your probationary period you’ll have regular reviews to see how you’re getting on.

Making progress

As an employee you’ll have regular performance and development reviews, which allow you to access personal, professional and career development opportunities.

Individual development plan

As part of your performance and development reviews, you'll work with your manager to agree a personalised plan for your development. This could include specific job-related training, access to online courses, leadership and  management development, secondments and project work.

Strength in diversity

We offer equal opportunities to all colleagues and citizens, without discrimination. Our approach to diversity aims to recognise, manage and value difference, to enable all colleagues to contribute fully and to realise their full potential.

Your pay, your rewards

We treat all employees equally and fairly. We offer a competitive pay package and access to an excellent pension scheme. We offer generous holiday allowances, with the option to add more days through our annual leave purchase scheme.

Pay and pension scheme

Pay rates for all of our posts are very competitive and will increase in line with any national pay settlements.

We offer an attractive Local Government Pension Scheme which you and your employer contribute in preparation for your retirement. Some of the key benefits are:

  • at retirement you'll receive a pension for life – with the option of a tax-free lump sum
  • we, the council, make contributions that are significantly higher than your own contributions

Holiday time

You get between 21 and 30 days annual leave, plus additional discretionary days, public holidays and other special leave provisions. (If you work part time, your leave allowance will be calculated pro-rata). You can also choose to purchase additional annual leave through our annual leave purchase salary sacrifice scheme.

Employer supported volunteering

We're working hard with our communities so that they're strong and resilient and that’s why we offer up to four days volunteering time for our employees.

Work-life balance

Getting the right work-life balance can be tricky. We’ve developed a range of flexible working opportunities that help you to adjust your hours or take time off when you need it – whether that’s to give your mum a lift to hospital or to watch the children on sports day.

Some of our flexible working opportunities include:

Flexi hours

This scheme allows you to carry forward up to 15 hours credit or 10 hours debit each month (pro-rata for part-time employees).

In practice, that means you can take a maximum of one full day, or two half days, flexi leave each month. If you don’t use this allowance, you can transfer either half or one day’s accrued flexi leave to your annual leave allowance – to be taken under your normal annual leave conditions. You can do this up to a maximum of five days in any one leave year.

Voluntary reduction in working hours

If your circumstances change, you can ask for a voluntary reduction in your working hours – either for a short time, or permanently.

Salary sacrifice schemes

A salary sacrifice scheme is a scheme that allows you to give up part of your gross salary in return for the council providing certain services or products. This means that in some cases you save on income tax and both you and the council save on National Insurance contributions.

You can access a range of salary sacrifice schemes, which are a great way to save money on various useful products and services.

Our schemes

Cycle to work

You can purchase a new bike and accessories at reduced rates through a monthly salary sacrifice. Cycling to work instead of driving by car not only helps you to stay fit and healthy, it reduces transport emissions and congestion and saves you money on petrol and related expenses.

Annual leave purchase

This scheme gives you the chance to purchase additional annual leave, giving you the flexibility to take extra planned time off work.

Car parking 

You can purchase a parking permit to use in selected council car parks and pay directly from your salary.

Car lease

A cost effective way to lease a brand new car over 24 or 36 months via monthly deduction from your salary.

Home technology 

You can purchase the very latest technology and gadgets and spread your payments, interest free, over 12 or 24 months, through deductions from your salary.

Money saving schemes

There are more ways to save money when you’re a Barnsley Council employee. You can save on club memberships and get money off at a host of popular attractions and amenities.

Join the club

You can join a number of health clubs and gyms at discounted rates with our corporate membership deals.

Save at your leisure

We want you to get out there and enjoy everything the borough has to offer. To help you do that, we’ve negotiated special offers with a range of Barnsley businesses and leisure attractions.

Sport and leisure

CSSC Sports and Leisure offers subsidies towards the cost of selected sports and sports official training; free entry into various English Heritage properties and many other activities and discounts.

Rail travel

We offer an interest free loan by purchasing an annual season ticket on your behalf and you pay the money back though monthly deductions from your salary.

Health and wellbeing - fit for work, fit for life

Your health and wellbeing matters to us – we want to look after our colleagues, and we want everyone to look out for each other. To help everyone stay healthy and happy at work we’ve developed a number of Well@Work services.

Occupational health unit

This impartial and confidential service provides advice on issues such as fitness to work, pre-employment screening, wellbeing health assessments, ongoing health surveillance, recommendations on redeployment or adjusting your role, and counselling.

Wellbeing assessments

We run wellbeing assessments on occasions throughout the year. This general health check includes calculating your BMI and other health indicators, confidential discussions of any health concerns, blood pressure checks and advice on lifestyle choices.

Health surveillance

We provide routine health surveillance to help you maintain your physical, mental and social wellbeing, whatever your occupation. This service can help to protect you from influences that might damage your health.

Health and wellbeing training

You can sign up to any of our online training courses, which include drug and alcohol awareness, healthy lifestyles, smoking awareness, emotional intelligence, personal resilience and stress management, sleep and mental health awareness.  

Mental health first aiders 

There are 47 colleagues trained as mental health first aiders (MHFAs) across the council, whose role is to be a point of contact for employees experiencing a mental health issue or emotional distress. Understanding the important factors affecting mental ill health, they're trained to identify the signs and symptoms for a range of mental health conditions such as stress, anxiety and depression.  They'll listen non-judgementally and hold supportive conversations, whilst assisting and signposting to the appropriate professional help if necessary.

Healthcare plans

Westfield Health and Healthshield offer you money back on essential healthcare costs, paid for via monthly salary deductions.

You are the champions

Some of our colleagues volunteer as Workplace Health Champions. They work with our wellbeing team to develop health and wellbeing initiatives based on their own skills and passions, whether that be running, cycling, walking or any other activity.

Employee reward and recognition

We’re proud of our employees and we like to celebrate and reward their achievements and contributions. That’s why we have a series of awards that recognise the efforts of colleagues who go above and beyond their normal duties, who show dedicated service or achieve something remarkable.

Employee recognition awards

  • Thank you Thursday – a weekly showcase of compliments that have been formally received from customers about employees or teams which demonstrates how the they have done great things for our residents and communities.
  • BMBC Shout Outs –  a monthly bulletin to showcase the recognition employees and/or teams have received from others (officers, staff or councillors) on what they've done/achieved in alignment with our council values.

Long service award

The employee long service award recognises colleagues who have given 25 years of continuous service to the council. These dedicated individuals receive £100-worth of high-street vouchers and either an extra day’s leave or an extra day’s pay, depending on where they work.

100% attendance award

This award is given to employees who have worked a full 12 months with no periods of absence for illness. The recipients are rewarded with an extra day’s paid leave.

General recognition

Throughout the year, we make a point of recognising and showing appreciation for the efforts, commitment and achievements of our colleagues. Managers give regular positive feedback and celebrate any notable achievements with their teams as they happen.

Investors in People

Barnsley Council has been awarded the gold accreditation against the Investors in People standard, demonstrating its commitment to high performance through its people.

Investors in People is a simple framework to benchmark the effectiveness of leadership and management practices, defining what it takes to lead, support and develop people effectively to achieve sustainable results.

Investors in People Gold accreditation

Barnsley Council is an equal opportunities employer. We're committed to promoting equality and tackling social exclusion through integrating equality into all of our activities.

Be Well @ Work Award

We've been awarded the Silver accreditation of the South Yorkshire Be Well @ Work Award, demonstrating our commitment to employee wellbeing.

The award is a framework for us to work towards to build good practice in workplace wellbeing.

Be well @ work

Employee Assistance Programme

Free confidential access to a complete support network, expert advice and compassionate guidance covering a wide range of issues. Available to both you and your immediate family 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

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