Personal searches of the Land Charges Register

The Local Land Charges Service has a vital role to play in protecting the financial and legal interests of prospective purchasers of land and property. They provide details on land and property and give access to the Local Land Charges Register.

We make the Local Land Charges Register available to anyone who wishes to inspect it in person by way of a personal search.

What is a personal search?

A personal search is a search in the Local Land Charges Register. If carried out in-person it's free of charge.

The details made available by carrying out this type of search is the same as that given on the LLC1 part of the local authority search. You don't receive anything in writing.

How do I carry out a personal search?

The information is made available at the Library @ the Lightbox. The details are made available electronically for customers to view and take hand written notes.

Due to the way details are held we've introduced an appointment system. To make an appointment contact the Local Land Charges team on (01226) 773054. Appointments are available Monday to Friday. We have four two hour appointments per day, which will allow you to search on 16 addresses. You'll be informed of the time of the appointment when booking.

This service is mainly used by private search companies who are employed by solicitors. If a personal search, rather than a local authority search, is used and an error is made in extracting the information provided then the private search company, or their clients, would have no claim against the Council under section 10 of the Local Land Charges Act, 1975 which relates to compensation for loss.

The following public registers are also available to view electronically. This can be done at the Library @ the Lightbox when carrying out a personal search. These are:

The Register of Common Land and Town or Village Greens
The Adopted Street Register
The Adopted Back Roads and Footpaths Register
The Definitive Map (Public Footpaths)
The Planning Register
The Enforcement and Stop Notices Register
Statutory Development Plans
The Register of Contaminated Land
The Noise Abatement Zones Register

Environmental Information Regulations 2004

From 1 March 2012 a procedure was introduced to allow customers to request information free of charge. This i under the Environmental Information Regulations 2004.