Geotechnology and mining searches

You can check if land or property is in a former coal mining area and order a mining report if it is.  To check if you need a mining report you can search using the Coal Authority's online service.

You'll need to know the postcode and property boundaries. The search will tell you if you need a mining report from the Coal Authority, you can see how much this will cost you here. 

Damage caused by mining

You may be able to claim for compensation for 'subsidence' from coal mining that has caused damage to your property or sinking on your land. Your home insurer can deal with this on your behalf by contacting the Coal Authority or you can make a direct claim yourself on their damage notice form

Advice for developers

The council is a member of the South Yorkshire Mining Advisory Service and we can provide advice and risk assessments for developers to make sure land is suitable for building. We use a range of mining, geological and ordnance survey records to provide specialist advice that can avoid the costly remedial work that may be required by development if mineshafts and workings are affected.