Book a room in a library

How to book a room

Some of our libraries have rooms that you can hire for local groups and activities. Find out which rooms can be booked and the hire charges.

Fill in our room booking form if you want to hire our facilities and email it to us

Discounted rates are available for registered charities and for repeat bookings during normal opening hours, please enquire for details.

If we accept your booking we’ll send you some confirmation and an invoice that you’ll need to pay within 30 days. 

Additional resources

You may also be able to book a computer and projector if they are available

If your room booking is outside of normal library opening hours, there might be an extra charge for caretaking.  Please contact us and we’ll let you know how much this will be.


  • Less than 7 days 25%
  • Less than 48 hours 50%

Less than 24 hours or non-attendance 100%

Terms and conditions

There are certain terms and conditions associated with booking one of our rooms for you to download and read.