Lieutenancy of South Yorkshire

Invitation to a Royal Garden Party

The King hosts three Royal Garden Parties every year, attended by about 8,000 people. Invited guests come from all backgrounds. Most of these are nominated by charities and public sector groups for their service to others.

Once inside a Garden Party around 27,000 cups of tea are served. 20,000 sandwiches and 20,000 slices of cakes are consumed.

The King and The Queen Consort, and other members of the Royal Family, speak to a range of people from all walks of life. All of these have made a positive impact on their community.

For a Garden Party, gentlemen wear morning dress or lounge suits. Women wear day dress, normally with hats or fascinators. National dress and uniform are also often worn.

If you think someone in South Yorkshire has made a major change to the community you could suggest that they're invited to this event. You can do this by writing to the Lord-Lieutenant.

The Lord-Lieutenant is in charge of planning and submitting nominations on behalf of the county.

Draft nomination letter

If you'd like to nominate someone, you can use the wording below.

Dear Lord-Lieutenant

I would like to nominate Mr John Doe for a Garden Party invitation.

Mr Doe is (details of employment or any voluntary role they have played in the community. Include why you would like to put their name forward). I am not aware that he has previously attended a Garden Party.

Mr Doe’s contact details are:


Telephone number:


Please note, nominations must be received by the end of October for inclusion in the following year's Garden Party invites.

Other ways The King gives recognition to people

His Majesty sends thousands of messages each year to people celebrating their 100th birthdays or diamond weddings. He's able to give special and personal recognition of remarkable people.

The King also supports service to others. This is done through close relationships with the voluntary and charitable sector. About 3,000 organisations list a member of the Royal Family as patron or president.

In all these roles, The King is supported by members of the Royal Family. They carry out many of the engagements which His Majesty can't do in person.