How we measure our performance

We measure our performance against the key priorities and outcomes included in our corporate plan.

To assess progress and performance against these priorities and outcomes, along with performance against individual service objectives, we have a performance management framework that consists of three elements:

  • corporate plan priorities
  • corporate health of the organisation
  • directorate performance

Each quarter, we produce a performance report summarising our performance against the priorities and outcomes and how well we're performing.

Quarter 4 2018-19

Thriving and vibrant economy

Outcome 1 - Create more and better jobs and good business growth

  • We’ve helped 145 new businesses to start trading and supported 287 businesses to expand in 2018/19, which exceeds our annual target.

  • Our work with the private sector has created 1,275 jobs for the borough in the last year, this is 94% of the 1,350 jobs we were aiming for by the end of the year.  

  • Since April 2018, 40 companies have chosen to relocate to Barnsley achieving our annual target. 

£10m expansion programme and relocation to Enterprise 36, Barnsley

William Rowland has signed an agreement with Barmston Developments to acquire land and build a state of the art new manufacturing facility at Enterprise 36 in Barnsley.

This will involve relocation from the company’s current Meadow Street, Sheffield premises to a new 6.5-acre site close to Junction 36 of the M1.

J36 unit.jpg

Outcome 2 - Increase skills to get more people working

  • Employment in the borough has increased to 70.7%.

  • The percentage of care leavers who are in education, training or employment is 63.1% our performance remains above national, regional and statistical average.

  • Between April 2018 and March 2019, there were 139 apprenticeships started, equating to 2.65% of our workforce (council and maintained schools).

  • The latest data shows that 7.5% of 16 & 17 year olds in Barnsley were on an apprenticeship Barnsley’s performance is stronger than regional (7.1%) and national (5.3%) averages.
I Know I Can (IKIC) Barnsley Big Challenge

This year’s Barnsley Big Challenge has seen young people once again set up their own businesses and run them across
the academic year.

Over 90 teams from both primary and secondary have been selling their products throughout the competition and have had the opportunity to sell their products in the new indoor market. They are now in the process of submitting their business reports.


Outcome 3 - Develop a vibrant town centre

  • Footfall in Barnsley town centre has increased to 6.7 million in 2018/19 compared to 6.3 million in 2017/18.

  • 91% of town centre units are occupied and 86% of market stalls.

  • In January, we were finalists at the Great British Market Awards for Britain’s Favourite Market.

  • Three of the young 2018 Barnsley Youth Market participants have now opened permanent premises in Barnsley.
 Young Entrepreneurs

Three of the young 2018 Barnsley Youth Market participants have now opened permanent premises in Barnsley.

Sian Fall took part in the 2017 and 2018 youth markets in Barnsley and also represented Barnsley at the National finals in both years. Sian has now taken over Toasted in  the Victorian Arcade. 

Young entrepreneurs

Outcome 4 - Strengthen our visitor economy

  • The Trans Pennine Trail has been very popular over the last 3 months; visitor numbers are 20% higher than the same period last year; a reflection of the unseasonably good weather.

  • Overall spend by visitors has contributed an estimated £7Million to the local economy.

  • Over 1.24M people have visited our museums between April 2018 and March 2019, contributing an estimated £26.9M to the local economy.
 Artists and Adventurers: Women Who Dared to Create

Opening in September 2018 at the Cooper Gallery, the exhibition started as an exploration of the fine and decorative artworks made by women in the collections at Cannon Hall Museum and the Cooper Gallery. 

Cooper gallery

Outcome 5 - Create more and better housing 

  • Our work with property owners and partners has returned 252 empty properties back to use since April 2018, exceeding out annual target of 93.

  • 96.2% of housing stock meets Barnsley Decent Homes Standard.

  • 97.8% Berneslai Homes rental collection rate.
Empty homes returned to use 

Our work with property owners and partners has returned 252 empty properties back to use since April 2018.

The success is a result of direct intervention, enforcement, advice and support.  Our annual target of 93 has been significantly exceeded.


People achieving their potential

Outcome 6 - Every child attends a good school and is successful in learning and work

  • 98% of our early years and childcare settings received ratings of good or outstanding from Ofsted, this is above national and regional comparators.

  • The proportion of pupils attending schools judged good or outstanding by Ofsted was
    70.1% in the year to March 2019. 

  • Take up of two year olds' entitlement to free childcare/education is 70%, against a target of 80%.
Kings Oak Primary Learning Centre is Outstanding

Kings Oak Primary Learning Centre is celebrating its first ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted report - and has joined a select group in being deemed outstanding in every area.

The centre received the judgement in its most recent report which praised the school’s leadership and its ‘inspirational’ principal.

Kings oak school

Outcome 7 - Reducing demand through improving access to early help 

  • 55.6% of people accessing re-ablement completed the programme and now have no long term needs.

  • 48.8% of adult social care clients were in receipt of direct payments at the end of
    March. Although we have not achieved our target, we do perform well against other areas, so for example the average for our similar neighbours in 2017/18 was just 28.1%.

  • We have improved the timeliness of our adult social care reviews significantly over the last 2 years.  We aimed for 80% of reviews to be completed on time in the year; however we have not achieved this as 76.2% of reviews were completed on time.
Youth Justice

The number of young people (aged 10-17 years old) entering the Youth Justice system for the first time has been falling for a number of years in Barnsley.

The latest data shows a rate of 263 per 100,000 young people, a 23% reduction on the same period last year.

Youth justice

Outcome 8 - Children and adults are safe from harm 

  • We have 100% positive victim focused customer feedback received in relation to Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB).

  • 94.8% of people who access services said those services helped them to feel safe and secure. This places Barnsley as the third best performing area nationally.

  • 34% of Safer Neighbourhood Service cases dealt with using informal early

  • 38% of assessments for children’s social care were carried out within 20 days of referral. 19.6% were repeat referrals, which means we missed our target of 17.9%.
House reported for Antisocial Behaviour closed for three months

Barnsley Council and South Yorkshire Police’s Safer Neighbourhood Service have had a house temporarily ‘closed’ for three months. The house, in Bank Street, Worsbrough is now subject to a closure order, after it was granted at Barnsley’s Magistrates’ Court.

This order was approved under the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014. It means no one is allowed to enter the house, except people authorised by Barnsley Council, for  three months.

Housing antisocial behaviour

Outcome 9 - People are healthier, happier, independent and active

  • Our Smokefree Schools programme was shortlisted for the Public Health category at this year’s LGC Awards.  62 schools out of 80 primary schools are taking part with plans in place to encourage the rest of the schools to become smokefree by Summer 2019.

  • Fizz Free February - we asked people of all ages, but in particular families with young children, to ditch sugary drinks for 28 days and #gofizzfree. Fizz Free February is a great way to reduce sugar intake by cutting out fizzy drinks. Going fizz free for all of February can help families on their way to drinking less sugary drinks for the rest of the year too.
Barnsley scheme is best bar none!

Barnsley has picked up the award for 'Best New Scheme' in this year's prestigious ‘National Best Bar None Awards’.

The Awards took place at a reception at the House of Lords in February.

Best bar none award

Strong and resilient communities

Outcome 10 - People volunteering and contributing towards stronger communities 

  • 10,569 people volunteered in their communities, 1,764 were new volunteers. £1,032,760 cashable value equivalent of volunteer hours for 2018/19.

  • Residents were invited to get involved with tea workshops at the Owd Martha’s Yard community garden during March. The project provided a fantastic opportunity to develop skills in gardening and horticulture from the UK's leading gardening charity the Royal Horticultural Society.
Rosanna inspires great efforts at the central area 551 event

The Love Where you Live Campaign ran a cleanup event as part of the Great British Spring Clean on Saturday 23 March. The event was in response to a letter sent to the Mayor, Cllr Steve Green late last year from nine year-old Rosanna Holmes.

In her letter she stated how the litter and
general waste was ruining our beautiful borough
and that action needed to be taken. 

Rosanna and her family attended the event which was organised by our central team in conjunction with Central, Kingstone, Stairfoot and Worsbrough Ward Alliances. 

Clean up

Outcome 11 - Protecting our borough for future generations

  • 94% of category 1 pot holes were repaired within 24 hours.

  • 96% of signal faults (traffic lights) were fixed within 24 hours.

  • 190 properties have benefitted from energy efficiency works in the 12 months to April 2019.

  • We have made it easier to report fly tipping and continue our enforcement activities. Eight vehicles were seized for environmental offences. Four of these have been crushed. New fixed penalties to deal with a wider range of environmental offences have been introduced.

  • 96.9% of household waste was diverted from landfill.
BDR Waste Partnership launches composting campaign 

A major campaign is being launched to encourage more people to help the environment by composting their kitchen and garden waste.

The Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham (BDR) Waste Partnership are organising competitions with prizes to get homes, schools and community groups started.

BDR waste partnership

Outcome 12 - Customers can contact us easily and use more services online 

  • The council’s Digital Champions continue to run regular sessions in community venues such as libraries or job centres, to help people gain the skills and confidence to access services and information online. 931 People, 198 sessions, 629.5 hours training.

  • 97.3% coverage of superfast broadband across South Yorkshire.

  • 42.5% take up of superfast broadband.
New 'Love Volunteering' app 

Finding the perfect volunteering opportunity is about to get a whole lot easier with the new 'Love Volunteering' app. 

The web-based app will be the new home for volunteering activities in the borough, making it simpler to find ways to get involved in the community. 

Love volunteering

One council

One Council priorities 

Our 'One Council' priority includes the things that we want to achieve to ensure that we are running our council as efficiently as we can, enabling us to provide the best possible outcomes for our district and its residents.

  • 100% of forecast efficiency savings have been achieved in the financial year.

  • Our staff undertook 222 days of Employer Supported Volunteering, an increase of 50 compared to last year.

  • Our Learning for the Future Accredited Centre delivers vocational qualifications. The Centre has embraced our #DigitalFirst agenda through the introduction of OneFile which is a web-based e-portfolio solution which can be accessed anytime and anywhere via a mobile app. This removes the need for learners to produce paper portfolios and has resulted in significant savings in paper, printing and storage costs.
Research and development @the Skunkworks
The new Skunkworks Research & Development group will investigate, design and prototype digital solutions for council and town priorities Skunkworks

Finance Data Quarter 4 2018/19

Spend per outcome

Outcome Budget Out-turn Variance

% variance

1 1,707,806.68 1,659,285 -48,521 -2.8% Staff savings in Development management combined with a
reduction in Planning fee income
2 1,337,737.56 1,337,257 -480 0.0% Balanced position as per Q4
3 576,527.21 563,079 -13,448 -2.3% Staff Savings within the Markets Team
4 1,027,088.45 1,013,898 -13,190 -1.3% Vacancies within Culture
5 1,390,273.10 1,349,802 -40,471 -2.9% Staff Savings in Housing, Planning & Building Control Support
6 13,442,314.22 13,943,154 500,840 3.7% Increased requirement for Home to School Transport
7 6,684,311.33 6,302,149 -382,162 -5.7% Vacancies and turnover savings
8 72,589,802.56 69,062,464 -3,527,338 -4.9% The continued use of one off funding by the Government
combined with vacancy retention
9 3,742,030.64 3,847,186 105,155 2.8% Income shortfall against School Catering partly offset by staff
10 4,629,474.29 4,572,549 -56,926 -1.2% Part Year vacancies on Localities (Area Council's & Ward
11 24,526,472.01 24,082,102 -444,370 -1.8% Savings on Construction Services, Highways etc. combined with
overachievement of income
12 3,434,213.47 3,471,487 37,274 -1.1% Increases in license costs and changes in the contracting

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