How we measure our performance

We measure our performance against the key priorities and outcomes included in our corporate plan.

To assess progress and performance against these priorities and outcomes, along with performance against individual service objectives, we have a performance management framework that consists of three elements:

  • corporate plan priorities
  • corporate health of the organisation
  • directorate performance

Each quarter, we produce a performance report summarising our performance against the priorities and outcomes and how well we're performing.

Quarter 2 2019-20

Thriving and vibrant economy

Outcome 1 - Create more and better jobs and good business growth

  • 33 new businesses have started with our help.

  • 25 businesses have been supported to grow.

  • Our work with the private sector has created 237 jobs for the borough.

  • Since July 2019, 9 companies have relocated to the borough helping to create 120 new jobs, occupying over 257,000 sq ft of floor space and securing over £1.3 million of private sector investment for the area.

Digital Innovation Grant (DIG) Proposal 

A full business plan has been submitted for a 3 year £2.1m programme. DIG is a demand led voucher scheme designed to help small and medium sized businesses to develop their use of digital technology. By exploiting the digital technologies, businesses can access new markets, promote their products and services more effectively and develop new cost effective ways of working.

Sheffield city growth hub logo

Outcome 2 - Increase skills to get more people working

  • 60% of care leavers aged 19, 20 and 21 are in employment, education or training. This is better than the national and regional average, and better than our statistical comparators.

  • Employment opportunities for those with learning disabilities has increased to 5.3%. We have secured a further 9 new job opportunities making the total now 23, with the opportunity to add more in School’s catering, Cannon Hall and Norse. There has been an increase in the eligible clients from 518 last quarter to 530 this quarter which has affected the % increase, the team have continued to support clients into paid employment.

  • Barnsley’s not in employment, education or training (NEET) and not known average for 16 and 17 year olds is 9.1%.

  • There has been an increasing number of businesses progressing with the Be Well@Work Award. A total of 37 businesses requested the Health Needs Assessment and 17 requested the logon details to the Create Wheel, an increase on Q1 figures. Business engagement is improving and there is better joining up between services internally, particularly with the Enterprising Barnsley Team.
Air League: Soaring to success

The Young People’s Skills and Enterprise team (YPSE) have been working in partnership with The Air League to provide young people from across the borough with the opportunity to learn more about the aeronautical industry from a careers perspective. The programme started with an Introduction to Aviation event, the team organised transport for 1000 year 9 Barnsley students, who received a taste of what the industry has to offer. Delivered at Barnsley Football Club, over three days we had representatives from DHL Freight, Rolls Royce Engineering, British Airways and the Air League talking and delivering workshops to the young people around their roles in the industry. 

Air league

Outcome 3 - Develop a vibrant town centre

  • Footfall in Barnsley town centre was 1,521,420. 
  • 86% of town centre units are occupied and 82% of market stalls (against our target of 95%)

  • The Dancing Town event took place in Barnsley town centre across 10 days in August. It included two weekends of entertainment and a mid-week programme delivered by local dance schools, gym instructors from Barnsley Premier Leisure, professional dance schools, and workshops delivered by stars of the West End.

  • In July Barnsley turned into a cycling town! After hosting the world’s elite cyclists at the Tour de Yorkshire earlier in the year, many of the same riders returned to battle it out of  the 1.1km course around the town centre at the Barnsley crit. The HSBC National Circuit for both the men’s and women’s race elite took place on 19th July and saw some of the most talented cyclists in the region go wheel to wheel in front of thousands of spectators. The public were able to watch the riders along the entire race circuit. There was also the opportunity for everyone to experience the course for themselves during the community ride.
Barnsley's Big Weekend

In July we celebrated ‘Barnsley’s Big Weekend’. Along with the grand opening of the Library@the Lightbox, other events included the Mayors Parade, dinosaurs roaming the town centre, a 5k run, Pride Barnsley, Destination Barnsley, dancing, bands, a  climbing wall, and sports activities – all in one weekend!

Dinosaur show

Outcome 4 - Strengthen our visitor economy

  • In Q2 a total of 428,729 people have visited our museums contributing over £8 million to the local economy.  The combined contribution to the economy from the 6 Barnsley venues including Wentworth Castle Gardens is £9.5 million.  

  • This year, an estimated 12,000 people attended Elsecar by the Sea and explored the different things happening across the village.

  • Transpennine trail usage at Q2 is at 191,252. Our figures over the summer have seen a large increase in the number of cyclists and horse riders.

  • Jan Williams and Chris Teasdale brought their unique mobile gallery to the streets of Wombwell.  The bright yellow caravan - a lovingly reincarnated 1969 Bluebird Europe – was resident on Wombwell High Street on market days from mid September, with further appearances at Wombwell Library and at Elsecar. Around 400 people visited the Caravan Gallery during its residency, mostly passers-by, many of whom made return visits.
Barnsley Museum summer holiday activities 

Barnsley Museums provided a comprehensive school holiday programme this summer; 7,200 took part in 39 different events and 7 self-led activities across the five museum sites. Activities ranged from baking to pond dipping and virtually everything in between. The most popular events at Experience Barnsley saw almost 1,000 people attend, these were the Reds Day in collaboration with Barnsley Football Club and the Archaeology day. Activities were aligned to the summer exhibitions which included Kapow (Original Comic Book Art) at the Cooper Gallery, Mythical Creatures at Cannon Hall and Tins Tins Tins at Experience Barnsley. 

  Barnsley museum summer activities

Outcome 5 - Create more and better housing

  • 196 new homes have been built in Q2.  26 of these are affordable homes.  

  • 96% of our housing stock meets Barnsley Decent Homes Standard.

  • 22 days is the Berneslai Homes average property void time. 

  • 96.9% is Berneslai Homes rental collection rate. 

  • Berneslai Homes celebrated their 100 years of council housing in August at the Library @ The Lightbox.  The public were invited to come and view the council housing exhibition and celebrate one ot the town’s great assets with their families and friends. There were touching tenant stories, videos and photos from the past and present, as well as memorabilia. 

  • 40 empty properties have been brought back into use since July 2019.  We are at 85% of our annual target at Q2.

Barnsley Council celebrated National Empty Homes Week from in September. During the week the Empty Homes team shared their successes on Facebook and hosted an event at the Library @ the Lightbox. Since the Empty Homes Programme began in April 2018, the council has helped to bring over 300 empty properties back into use. 

Terraced housing
Empty Homes Week

People achieving their potential

Outcome 6 - Every child attends a good school and is successful in learning and work

  • 98% of our early years and childcare settings received ratings of good or outstanding from Ofsted at their last inspection; this is above national and regional comparators. 20% received the highest 'Outstanding’ outcome and 78% achieved a 'Good' outcome.
  • The proportion of pupils attending schools and settings judged good or outstanding by Ofsted is 69% at Q2.  Although two schools improved their rating to ‘Good’, the percentage is now based on the January 2019 census figures and therefore shows a slight reduction from Q1.

  • 76% of Education, Health and Care Plans (38 plans) were issued within 20 weeks without exception. 50 new EHC plans were issued in Q2 and total number of plans completed within 20 weeks is higher than at Q1.

  • 65.9% of pupils in Barnsley are achieving the expected standard or above in combined KS2 reading, writing and maths. At KS4 we have increased our positive gap with all schools nationally in terms of a standard pass in The Basics and for the first time ever we are above all schools nationally in terms of a strong pass in The Basics.
Barnsley Music Festivals

Children from across Barnsley took part in two music festivals at the Metrodome in July, hosted by Barnsley Music Education Hub. The Key Stage Two music festival saw over 1,600 young people from 37 schools perform, whilst the Barnsley Schools Vocal Festival featured 450 children, from a total of 15 school choirs. 

Music Hub

Outcome 7 - Reducing demand through improving access to early help

  • We completed 81% of our adult social care reviews to timescale.  This falls just short of the year end target of 83% which service remains confident they will meet. 

  • 47.7% of adult social care clients were in receipt of direct payments in Q2. This is now above the the year end target of 45%.

  • The number of claims made to DCLG for significant and sustained improvement is 286 at Q2 for troubled families.  

  • 54% of re-ablement clients completed the programme in Q2 with no long term needs.
Pilot of early help sessions in the Dearne

A number of organisations in Barnsley are working together to deliver a series of drop-in sessions called ‘Talking Point’. The sessions are being piloted in the Dearne and include support and guidance from Adult Social Care, BMBC Customer Services, Safer Neighbourhoods/South Yorkshire Police, community health service SWYPFT, Berneslai homes, LiveWell Barnsley, My Best Life Social prescribing and the Digital Champions. Residents will be able to access a range of early help support promoting independence and wellbeing, as well as advice about concerns and increased awareness of what support is available in Barnsley. Advisors from each service will be on hand throughout the sessions to discuss any queries residents have, as well as to offer solutions and guidance going forward.

Talking Point Logo

Outcome 8 - Children and adults are safe from harm

  • We successfully prevented 146 cases of homelessness. 

  • 194 people aged 65+, and 8 people aged between 18 and 64 have been permanently admitted to residential and nursing care in Q2, both above target for the quarter.

  • 16.7% of referrals in to children’s social care were repeat referrals in Q2 against a target of 18%. Managers have been closely monitoring potential re-referrals which has helped bring our referral rate back within target. This is the lowest reported rate within the last two years.

  • 79.6% of looked after children were in family fostering placements at the end of Q2, against our target of 87%.

  • 40.8% of assessments for children’s social care were carried out within 20 days of referral in Q2, 5% above our target figure.
Safeguarding Awareness Week 2019

Safeguarding awareness week took place in July 2019 around the theme of ‘your choices and rights’. A launch event saw colleagues join together at Barnsley Sixth Form College to celebrate how partners are working together to keep people of all ages safe from harm. A number of invited partners attended the launch, including representatives from Barnsley Council, Berneslai Homes, local schools, Barnsley Hospital, Barnsley College, Public Health and Barnsley Clinical Commissioning Group. A market place ‘wrap-around’ event took place before and after the main launch event and was an opportunity for partner agencies to find out more about each other’s services.  

Safeguarding hands

Outcome 9 - People are healthier, happier, independent and active

  • Hospital related admissions 2017/18 data shows a rate of 978 men per 100,000 population who were admitted to hospital for alcohol-related conditions. This is significantly higher than the England rate of 809. The rate for women is 628 per 100,000, again significantly higher than the National rate of 473.

  • There have been 2 successful prosecutions relating to illicit Tobacco in Q2. One offender was fined £10k and another received 220hrs community service. In addition, at the end of Q2, we have seized over 16000 illicit cigarettes/hand rolling tobacco.

  • The rate of suicide in Barnsley has decreased from the last reporting period. At 9.2 the rate is lower than Yorkshire & Humber and England rates and joint second lowest when compared with statistical neighbours. This is the lowest rate since the 2008-10 reporting period.
Beat the Street 

Beat the Street Barnsley set out to increase physical activity levels and improve health and wellbeing amongst residents, specifically school children and their families, over six weeks in June and July. Beat the Street aims to encourage people to make small behaviour changes such as walking or cycling to school, participating in lunchtime walks or by just spending more time in their local parks and greenspace. 

Beat the street  

Strong and resilient communities

Outcome 10 - People volunteering and contributing towards stronger communities

  • 2,653 people volunteered in their communities. 

  • 521 were new volunteers, a small increase on the last quarter.  Volunteering activity in Q2 equates to £158,425 equivalent cashable value.  

  • 4506 volunteer hours were completed for Barnsley Museums in Q2, with a cashable equivalent of £60,876.
Jump Park Gala 

Jump Environmental Group held their first Gala in Jump Park. It was their second event designed to promote the group, recruit volunteers and encourage social cohesion within the village. The group is run by a small core group who are reliant on grants and donations to develop their projects. The gala was used as a tool to raise funds, their final figure was £390.00 (£340 on the day and £50 in donations), and this money can be used towards future projects. 

Jump park gala

Outcome 11 - Protecting our borough for future generations

  • 54 properties have benefited from energy efficiency works in Q2. The council’s performance remains strong in comparison to other local authorities in the Better Homes Yorkshire scheme.

  • 78% of the total highways cost (revenue and capital) is spent directly on carriageway and footway repairs.

  • 97.58% of household waste was diverted from landfill in Q2.

  • 96.7% of all refuse collections were made on the scheduled day in Q2.
Recycle Week 

In September we supported #RecycleWeek – a National campaign to celebrate recycling. Throughout the week we shared recycling hints and tips on social media and invited the public to send in their own. Our Chief Executive, Sarah Norman had a great morning as she hit the streets with one of our recycling collection crews to see first-hand how good we are at recycling in Barnsley. Despite the rain, Sarah enjoyed supporting the crew and learnt lots about recycling on her way.  

Recycling week

Outcome 12 - Customers can contact us easily and use more services online

  • Take up of superfast broadband is at 48.59%.

  • Our Digital Champions continue to run regular sessions in community venues to help people gain the skills and confidence to access services and information online. 556 People, 126 sessions, 229
    hours training.

  • Our website is within the top 15% of council's audited by Sitemorse index, which is an independent audit of the quality of public sector websites.  

  • Siteimprove is a quality assurance tool that checks the councils website for accessibility, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), policy and analytics. Our overall quality assurance score is 96% and the overall ‘digital certainty score’ for BMBC is 93.2% against an industry benchmark of 79%.
Blue Badge applications move online 

In July customer services went live with online payments for Blue Badges using the national system; enabling applicants to apply for it, pay for it and upload supporting evidence in one transaction.  This has has a huge success with 1,745 people choosing to pay online.  

Blue badge

One council

One Council priorities

Our 'One Council' priority includes the things that we want to achieve to ensure that we are running our council as efficiently as we can, enabling us to provide the best possible outcomes for our district and its residents.

  • Number of compliments linked to our values in Q2:
    • We're proud - 8
    • We're honest - 18
    • We're a team - 11
    • We'll be excellent - 24

  • Our staff undertook 32.5 days of employer supported volunteering.

  • 100% of forecast efficiency savings have been achieved in Q2.

  • The Council Tax Collection Rate in Q2 was 95.97%.

  • The business rates collection rate was 98.85%

  • The proportion of total BMBC influenceable spend spent with locally based suppliers is at 55.9% at Q2.

Digital First - enabling technology

The goal of the Enabling Technology work stream is to build the foundations for a range of Digital First services that will not only benefit our citizens but also empower our teams and make the most effective use of our resources. We'll be implementing our Enabling Technology Workstream that will see an upgrade of our core IT over the next 12 months. Enabling Technology will provide us with much more stable, modern and reliable infrastructure to support our digital future in terms of growth.  

Digital First logo

Finance Data Quarter 2 2019/20

Spend per outcome

Outcome Budget Out-turn Variance % variance Commentary
1 1,675,875 1,633,447 42,429 -3% Staff savings in Development management combined with a reduction in Planning fee income
2 1,349,403 1,348,613 790 0% Balanced position
3 286,074 285,907 168 0% Balanced position
4 1,835,224 1,870,488 35,264 2% Income shortfall relating to Cultural sites, events & car park income
5 1,361,536 1,413,884 52,348 4% Staff ear markings in Strategic Transport
6 10,250,722 10,508,105 300,842 3% Additional cost of Home to School transport due to increased pupil numbers and a 15% increase in in- borough transport costs
7 6,131,921 5,961,990 167,660 -3% Staff turnover and vacancies within the service combined with under spends relating to contracts, and additional RSI funding
8 79,944,112 76,917,728 3,028,414 -4% Increased client contributions/income, health funding and direct payments claw back
9 5,304,474 5,372,776 76,899 1% Income shortfall against School Catering
10 4,880,533 4,873,427 6,457 0% Balanced position
11 26,197,681 26,583,744 333,116 1% The current overspend is mainly due to a fall in the market price of recyclables and delays in the delivery of the transfer loading station
12 3,200,517 3,306,202 105,684 3% Increases in license costs and changes in the contracting arrangements

You can also view this information in downloadable documents or a data table below, and read the press release.

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