How we measure our performance

We measure our performance against the key priorities and outcomes included in our corporate plan.

To assess progress and performance against these priorities and outcomes, along with performance against individual service objectives, we have a performance management framework that consists of three elements:

  • corporate plan priorities
  • corporate health of the organisation
  • directorate performance

Each quarter, we produce a performance report summarising our performance against the priorities and outcomes and how well we're performing.

Quarter 1 2018-19

Thriving and vibrant economy

Outcome 1 - Create more and better jobs and good business growth

  • 36 new businesses started with our help.

  • 99 businesses were supported to expand.

  • 468 private sector jobs were created with our support – 78% of these were in companies already based in Barnsley.

  • 11 businesses relocated to the borough creating 91 jobs and securing over £10.3m of private sector investment.

  • Three companies accessed funding totalling £54,000 with our help, leading to £270,000 private sector investment and 10 new jobs.

  • 85.7% of major planning applications were processed despite the highest quarterly number of applications in four years.

Capitol Park welcomes Gem Imports

Gem Imports recently moved to a new high specification 75,000sqft logistics facility at Capitol Park, M1 junction 37. The company specialises in far east sourcing, supplying over 1,000 products to UK and EU markets. It's run by the co-founder of Poundworld Retail Ltd, Christopher Edwards Junior. Our Enterprising Barnsley team has supported the company, and so far 20 staff have been recruited and rapid growth is expected.

Gem Imports

Outcome 2 - Increase skills to get more people working

  • Employment opportunities for those with learning disabilities have increased to 3%.
    • Although this is still below the 3.2% target, this is the highest performance for two years and suggests progress is being made.
    • A learning disability ETE panel has been established.
    • Referrals are now being progressed
    • Job placements have been identified and will be matched to appropriate candidates.

  • Following an Ofsted judgement of “requires improvement” in December 2016 for Adult Skills and Community Learning, qualification achievement rates are predicted to be higher and the quality of teaching, learning and assessment is now judged to be good. A recent Ofsted visit supported this self-assessment, and an inspection is anticipated during the autumn term.

  • For the third quarter in a row, the out of work benefit claimant count has increased and is now 4,885 - equal to 3.2% of the working age population.

  • Barnsley’s 'not in employment, education or training' (NEET) and 'not known' average for 16 and 17 year olds is 5.5%. This compares to an average of 5.8% in England, 5.6% in Yorkshire and Humber, and 6.4% of statistical neighbours.

  • 57.9% of care leavers aged 19, 20 and 21 are in education, employment or training.
IKIC Big Challenge Awards

Kasey’s Kakes won the Best Secondary Business Award at this year’s IKIC (I Know I Can) Big Challenge Awards. The Wood Workshop won the Best Primary Business Award.

The ceremony marked the end of the challenge which has given young people the chance to experience what it's like to set up and run a business. The competing teams have traded throughout the year and have been supported by their schools as well as mentors from the business community.


Outcome 3 - Develop a vibrant town centre

  • Almost 1,775,740 people visited the town centre in Q1 - an increase in footfall of over 66,486 compared with Q1 last year.

  • Town centre markets are 85% occupied. Reductions are due to businesses not relocating to the new market.

  • 91% of town centre retail units are occupied. Three former market traders have relocated into vacant shops and four new businesses recently opened.

  • 15 dispersal instructions were issued in the town centre public spaces protection order area. Only 1 of these was a repeat.

Barnsley Youth Market

The market took place in June, with four young champions selected to go forward to the Yorkshire Youth Market which takes place in Leeds in August.

One overall champion was selected on the day – Emily Roberts of Emi B Designs who'll not only represent Barnsley at the regional final, but also the National Final in Stratford-upon-Avon in August and September.

Youth market

Outcome 4 - Strengthen our visitor economy

  • 324,362 visitors to our attractions contributed an estimated £6.98m to the local economy.

  • There was a 5% decrease on visits to our museums year on year, attributed to cold temperatures and limited road and pedestrian access during Q1.

  • Construction works at Cannon Hall resulted in an expected reduction in footfall, but targets are being met.

  • There was a 7% increase in footfall at Elsecar Heritage Centre.

  • Experience Barnsley has seen growth of 13% year on year.

  • Visitor numbers have increased at Worsbrough Mill following its appearance on BBC’s Countryfile.
Events and exhibitions
Tour de Yorkshire - Stage 2 start
  • Attracted approximately 26,000 spectators.
  • Two large-scale land art installations brought widespread media attention.
  • Social media reached 1,047,475 and engaged 38,989 people.
  • Media coverage reached 1,932,426 and had an Advertising Value Equivalent of £96,988.
  • Spectator spend is estimated to be worth £549,610 to the local economy.
May The Toys Be With You exhibition
  • Attracted 8,938 visitors.
  • Shop takings increased by 86% over the exhibition period, and donations by 500%.
  • 20% of visitors who left feedback were men in the 25-44 age group, amongst our hardest to reach audience.
May the toys be with you
Man Engine
  • An 11.2 metre mechanical Cornish Miner attracted an audience of 6,000 at Elsecar and Wentworth.
  • The Advertising Value Equivalent of media coverage was £65,516.
Man engine

Outcome 5 - Create more and better housing

  • 43 empty homes have been returned to use.

  • 96.1% of housing stock meets the Barnsley Decent Homes Standard.

  • The average void time of a Berneslai Homes property is 18.4 days.

  • Berneslai Homes rental collection rate is 98.2%.

  • 20 affordable homes have been completed; fewer than expected due to delays on a scheme in Darfield.

  • 275 new build homes have been completed, and work on 270 homes has started throughout the borough. Work continues on our Met Homes scheme, Blenheim View.
Local Plan update
In April the Local Plan hearings resumed. The inspector confirmed that the plan was capable of being found sound, subject to necessary modifications. A consultation is now inviting comments on these modifications.

The revised National Planning Policy Framework contains proposals for a housing delivery test. Councils failing to meet the housing delivery target test figure will be expected to produce action plans. The figure recently published for Barnsley was 898 and although this will change annually, if around 900 homes are built each year or continue to grow in line with the recent trend, the delivery test figure should be exceeded.

People achieving their potential

Outcome 6 - Every child attends a good school and is successful in learning and work

  • 63.9% of Barnsley pupils achieved the expected standard or above in provisional combined Key Stage 2 reading, writing and maths for 2017/18. This is a significant improvement from 2016/17. There's now only very small gap to the national average (64%).

  • Provisional data also shows 69.9% of Barnsley pupils achieved a good level of development in the Foundation Stage, an improvement from 68.5% last year.

  • Take-up of the 2 year-old childcare/education offer reached 79% in Q1, improving from 77% at the end of 2017/18.
  • 96% of early years and childcare settings were judged Good or Outstanding by Ofsted, above the national (94%) and regional (95%) averages.

  • The proportion of pupils attending schools judged Good or Outstanding by Ofsted fell to 69.9%, from 70.4% at the end of 2017/18.

School is the place to bee

We launched our new campaign in Q1 to remind parents that school is the place to 'bee' for their children.

Adverts will be shared on new starter leaflets in September to reinforce the importance of school attendance and punctuality, even for Barnsley’s youngest learners.

School is the place to bee

Outcome 7 - Reducing demand through improving access to early help

  • 77.7% of our adult social care reviews were completed within timescales – a significant improvement from 53% in Q1 last year.
  • 60% of our adult social care clients complete re-ablement episodes with no long-term needs.

  • Fewer of our young people are entering the criminal justice system for the first time. Our figures are now below the national and regional averages.

Social care peer challenge

A peer challenge of our children’s social care integrated front door was undertaken in June by East Riding council, supported by the regional sector-led improvement programme. The review team concluded that in Barnsley:

  • thresholds are fully understood by staff
  • early help is having a significant impact on preventing children from needing to be referred to social care
  • decision-making at the front door is strong and consistent
  • assessments were of an extremely high quality, evidencing effective partnerships, good information sharing and critically a real focus on the lived experience of the child
  • the workforce is experienced, confident, and staff consider themselves to be well supported in their work
  • they saw evidence of strong, supportive and visible leadership
Child painting

Outcome 8 - Children and adults are safe from harm

  • 79 people aged 65 or over were admitted to residential and nursing care, much lower than the 148 admissions in Q1 last year.

  • 86% of Adult Safeguarding Section 42 decisions were made within 72 hours – a fall from 87.1% at the end of last year.

  • 39.6% of children’s social care assessments were carried out within 20 days, better than the national (35.2%) and regional (38.5%) averages (2016/17 data).

  • The proportion of repeat referrals to children’s social care rose to 22.2% and is now above all comparators (2016/17 data).

  • 80.2% of children were placed in a family fostering placement, and we're on track to achieve target (82%).

  • 100% of customer feedback received showed a positive victim focus for anti-social behaviour.

  • 38.5% of Safer Neighbourhood Service cases were dealt with using informal early intervention.

  • There were 34 successful homelessness preventions.
Foster Care Fortnight

Our fostering team supported the annual national Foster Care Fortnight campaign in May to raise awareness of fostering.

Our team regularly promote fostering via social media using the hashtags #ProudToSupportFostering as well as #BarnsleyCarersForBarnsleyChildren.

Foster care fortnight

Outcome 9 - People are healthier, happier, independent and active

  • Barnsley's 2017 smoking prevalence rate of 18.2% in adults aged 18 or over is the largest reduction in recent years. Although this remains higher than the England rate of 14.9%, the gap is closing.

  • 6.4% of the smoking population are currently undergoing treatment to stop smoking. Our local target is 4%.

  • 59% of smokers receiving treatment with a 'quit date' quit within 4 weeks.
  • The proportion of eligible adults aged 65 or over who received the flu vaccine in 2017/18  was 72.6%, the same as the national average.

  • 73.1% of adults aged 18 or over are classified as overweight or obese.
There were 609 hospital admission episodes for alcohol-related conditions in females and 955 episodes (per 100,000 population) for males.

During 2018/19, a programme of work will be developed to tackle the availability, affordability and acceptability of alcohol in Barnsley. This will include the Best Bar None scheme, the nightlife marshal service, along with workshops and a self-assessment to identify gaps locally. This work will inform the refreshed alcohol action plan leading to a Barnsley alcohol strategy.
Best Bar None

Strong and resilient communities

Outcome 10 - People volunteering and contributing towards stronger communities

  • 2,771 people volunteered in their communities; 620 were new volunteers.

  • There was £145,743 cashable value of volunteer hours in Q1.
Penistone Asylum Seeker and Refugee Support Group

The Penistone area has a history of supporting refugees and displaced people, specifically in the two World Wars. In late 2017 a new group formed to continue that tradition.

They've delivered events for refugees and asylum seekers at the Penistone Paramount, Penistone St John’s Church and Wigfield Farm, organised the collection of food, clothes and toiletries, and held events for Refugee Week.

The group are also actively involved in wider initiatives with Barnsley Council, the Refugee Council and the City of Sanctuary project.

Penistone Asylum Seeker and Refugee Support Group

Outcome 11 - Protecting our borough for future generations

  • 44 households have received energy efficiency measures from Better Homes Barnsley.

  • Air quality nitrogen dioxide levels were 33 microgrammes per cubic metre.
  • 97.4% of household waste was diverted from landfill.

  • 48.4% of Barnsley Council spend was done so locally.

  • The average duration for works on principal and major roads was 4.4 days. Contributing to this were the highway schemes at Cundy Cross and foul sewer repairs at Dearne Road, Bolton upon Dearne. Both of these schemes have now been completed.

  • 96% of traffic light signal faults were fixed within 24 hours.

  • 90% of category one pot holes were repaired within 24 hours.

  • £1.4m funding was secured from the Department for Transport’s Safer Roads Fund to carry out works on the A628 between Hoylandswaine roundabout and Flouch during 2019/20. The assessment considered the potential risk and severity of collisions on a road, rather than taking a ‘worst first’ approach.

Fly tipping

There were 898 reports of fly tipping, 3.4% higher than in Q1 last year. This is a seasonal trend.

During Q1, we've made prosecutions and seized vehicles believed to be involved in fly tipping.

Our Dumpit and Scarper anti fly tipping campaign has reached over 50,000 people already this year with over 3,500 engagements.

Dumpit and Scarper logo

Outcome 12 - Customers can contact us easily and use more services online

  • 55.6% of contacts with the council were made online.

  • Superfast broadband take up is 38%.

  • Coverage of superfast broadband is 96.5% across South Yorkshire.
  • The ‘pin in a map’ reporting platform is now live. It allows customers drop a pin at the location of a problem. The form also has the functionality to add detail and photographs, giving services up-to-date information on the highway, and customers can immediately see the status of their issue.

Digital champions

Our digital champions continue to run regular sessions in community venues such as libraries or job centres, to help people gain the skills and confidence to access services and information online.

During Q1, 2283 people were helped over 230 sessions, totalling 907 hours of assistance.

Digital champion

One council

Outcome 13 - One Council priorities

Our 'One Council' priority includes the things that we want to achieve to ensure that we are running our council as efficiently as we can, enabling us to provide the best possible outcomes for our district and its residents.

  • Our Employee Excellence Awards recognise staff for demonstrating our vision and values and going the extra mile.

  • Commercial and business acumen: Pet Crematorium - This innovative idea demonstrates how we are becoming more commercially aware in order to generate more money for public services. Work has started on the building of a small-scale crematorium in a secluded, non-public area at Cannon Hall. From October 2018 customers will be offered a pet-cremation service, together with the opportunity soon to scatter ashes or place a small plaque within a designated woodland area.

  • Digital First: Our Digital Customer Services are demonstrating our customer focus and are working to improve the way we transact with residents, making it easier for people to get in touch using new and innovative technology solutions. We aim to create both new and improved ways to contact us with new eforms, improved web app capabilities, support for voice assistant technologies (e.g. Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple HomePod), automated chat bots with machine learning and a customer portal.

Learn My Way

Digital champions are helping us to be an enabling organisation.

A free six-week online basics course run by our digital champions helps residents, who have very little or no experience of using technology, to get online.

In Q1 the course completion rate was 86%. There was an average of 93% increase in confidence across a number of key areas (i.e. email, online forms, internet safety).

Learn my way

Finance Data Quarter 1 2018/19

Spend per outcome

Outcome Budget Out-turn Variance % variance Commentary
1 1,440,816 1,432,794 (8,022) -1% Major Projects have had a reduction in overhead costs
2 1,335,979 1,336,103 125 0% Balanced position as per Q1
3 431,169 431,210 40 0% Balanced position as per Q1
4 1,018,636 1,018,679 44 0% Balanced position as per Q1
5 1,281,333 1,252,193 (29,139) -2% Staff savings in Planning and Building Control support
6 3,901,736 4,412,687 510,951 13% Increased requirement for Home to School Transport
7 6,518,711 6,511,566 (7,146) 0% Balanced position as per Q1
8 72,354,202 71,744,162 (610,041) -1% Vacancy savings, combined with realignment of services and increased income
9 3,629,907 3,631,497 1,590 0% Balanced position as per Q1
10 4,788,387 4,797,039 8,652 0% Balanced position as per Q1
11 26,673,271 26,924,460 251,189 1% Waste disposal costs offset by savings on Construction Services, Highways etc.
12 3,365,058 3,361,766 (3,293) 0% Balanced position as per Q1
13 28,301,101 27,941,503 (359,598) -1% Staff savings pending restructure

You can also view this information in downloadable documents, a data table, and read the press release below.

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