How we measure our performance

We measure our performance against the key priorities and outcomes included in our corporate plan.

To assess progress and performance against these priorities and outcomes, along with performance against individual service objectives, we have a performance management framework that consists of three elements:

  • corporate plan priorities
  • corporate health of the organisation
  • directorate performance

Each quarter, we produce a performance report summarising our performance against the priorities and outcomes and how well we're performing.

Quarter 1 2019-20

Thriving and vibrant economy

Outcome 1 - Create more and better jobs and good business growth

  • 31 new businesses started with our help.

  • 67 businesses supported to expand.

  • 308 private sector jobs were created with our support.

  • 11 businesses relocated to the borough creating 44 new jobs and securing over £500,000 of private sector investment.

Launchpad deliver outreach pop up business school

Launchpad delivered a pop up business school, a four day course covering business start up essentials. The team have also proposed a 'Start Up Saturday' event which will offer networking opportunities, advice and support for businesses.


Digital Innovation Grant (DIG) Proposal

The DIG is a demand led voucher scheme designed to help small and medium sized businesses to develop their digital skills. Using new technologies will allow businesses to access new markets, promote their products and services and develop cost effective ways of working. 


Outcome 2 - Increase skills to get more people working

  • 10 apprenticeships were started between April 2019 and June 2019 and at the end of Q1 9.2% of 16 and 17 year olds in Barnsley were on an apprenticeship.

  • 50% of care leavers are in education, employment or training.

  • Employment opportunities for those with learning disabilities is at 3.7%.
    • 19 out of 515 received long-term support and were in paid employment at the end of Q1 as measured by the Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework (ASCOF). 
    • Outside the ASCOF Framework 11 more people secured paid employment (5.8%).
    • Work opportunities provide social inclusion, integration and greater financial freedom.
    • Video clips and brochures are in development to show the benefits of the service to potential employers.
  • At the end of Q1; four businesses achieved the Well@Work award, 67 businesses are engaged with some of the elements and a number of new businesses are interested in the scheme.

Pathways Programme

The Pathways Programme helped Lesley improve her CV, cover letter and online application skills to allow her to return to work after leaving her job of seven years.

Heath, at the Cudworth Centre of Excellence, met with Lesley several times helping her to create and upload her CV and supported her as she applied for jobs. 

Lesley was back in work within a few weeks and Heath has continued to contact Lesley as part of our commitment to "in work support" and everything is going well with her new employer.

Job application.jpg

Outcome 3 - Develop a vibrant town centre

  • 1.5 million people visited the town centre in Q1.

  • Town centre markets are 85% occupied. 

  • 90% of town centre retail units are occupied. 

  • The first resident at The Glass Works, the Falco Lounge, opened creating 30 jobs for local people.
  • Henry Boot Construction won the Collaboration of the Year award at the National Federation of Builders (NFB) awards for its work on our famous Barnsley Market and its commitment to keeping 100 market stalls trading throughout the development. 

Armed Forces Day

Barnsley Market played a key role in the town centre celebrations for Armed Forces Day on Saturday 29 June. The market was dressed with bunting, 1940's music played throughout the day and stallholders joined in by dressing in 1940's clothing on the day.

Sue Round from the Barnsley National Market Traders Federation Group said 'The traders all looked brilliant and the atmosphere was buzzing in the market'. 


Outcome 4 - Strengthen our visitor economy

  • 367,213 people have visited our museums during Q1, contributing almost £8m to the local economy.

  • Visitors to our museums increased by 13% compared to Q1 last year.

  • 10,715 people have visited Wentworth Castle Gardens which reopened to the public in June.

  • Our museum exhibitions have been very popular with the exhibition at Cannon Hall attracting 13,000 people, Kapow at the Cooper Gallery attracting 11,000 people and Tins at Experience Barnsley attracting 25,000 people.

  • 173,031 people have used the TransPennine Trail in Q1, a 14% increase from last year.
Events and exhibitions

Tour de Yorkshire

The Tour de Yorkshire attracted 16,000 spectators, raising our profile through significant coverage on TV and strong engagement on social media.

Puddlers Fair

Street theatre performers from around the world arrived at the Elsecar Heritage Centre and brought the heritage of Wentworth, Elsecar, Barnsley and Rotherham to life. 

The day began with an amazing performance from Horizon Community College students, followed by a full programme of acts that regularly perform in Covent Garden and the Edinburgh and Glastonbury

  Puddlers Fair.jpg

April Fools Comedy Fest

The April Fools Comedy Festival got the events programme off to a good start with audience totals of 1,161 across 12 nights - an average of 96 per show.

April Fools logo.jpg

Outcome 5 - Create more and better housing

  • 45 empty homes have been returned to use.

  • 96% of housing stock meets the Barnsley Decent Homes Standard.

  • The average void time of a Berneslai Homes property is 21.9 days.

  • Berneslai Homes rental collection rate is 96.9%.

  • 335 new homes have been built in Q1; 37 of these are affordable homes.
Better Homes Barnsley

We have been successful in a bid for more than a quarter of a million pounds from the National Grid's Warm Homes Fund. This means that we can continue to deliver first-time gas central heating to a further 123 private sector households on low income over the next two years.

This funding will also be available to landlords, who will be asked to contribute £750 towards the cost.


People achieving their potential

Outcome 6 - Every child attends a good school and is successful in learning and work

  • 98% of early years and childcare settings were judged Good or Outstanding by Ofsted, this is above the national and regional averages. 20% received the highest 'Outstanding' outcome and 78% achieved a 'Good' outcome.

  • The proportion of pupils attending schools judged Good or Outstanding by Ofsted fell to 69.9% due to one primary school moving from 'Outstanding' to 'Requires Improvement'.

  • Take-up of the two year-old free childcare/education offer is currently 68% in Q1. 28 more children are accessing places in the summer term 2019 compared to the same period in 2018; but 189 families are now eligible.

  • 81.8% of education, health and care plans (36 plans) were issued within 20 weeks without exception. This is slightly less than Q4.
Work inspiration week

Barnsley students spent a week in June visiting employers to get first-hand experience in the workplace and learn about the range of exciting career opportunities as part of the 'I Know I Can' Work Inspiration Week.


Outcome 7 - Reducing demand through improving access to early help

  • 47.6% of our adult social care clients were in receipt of direct payments in Q1; this is 2.8% less than Q1 last year but still above target.
  • 51.8% of our adult social care clients completed the re-ablement programme in Q1 with no long-term needs.

  • 74.8% of our adult social care reviews were completed within timescales and we aim to achieve 83% by the 2019/20 year end.
  • The number of our young people entering the criminal justice system for the first time has increased slightly taking our figures above the national and regional averages. The number of young people re-offending however has decreased.

Tackling child criminal exploitation in South Yorkshire

Child criminal exploitation (CCE) is now an acknowledged problem, with gangs luring children into activities such as drug distribution from big cities to smaller communities.

Doncaster, Rotherham and Barnsley are all involved in the project to step in and help young people who may be at risk of being drawn into criminal gangs.

The project has received a grant from the Government Police and Crime Commissioner of £703,000 which is being matched by each of the authorities.


Outcome 8 - Children and adults are safe from harm

  • We successfully prevented 139 cases of homelessness in Q1.

  • 75 people aged 65 or over and three people aged between 18 and 64 were permanently admitted to residential and nursing care, both are below our targets.

  • 90.8% of Adult Safeguarding Section 42 decisions were made within 72 hours.

  • There were 1,242 anti-social behaviour incidents reported in Q1, a result of efforts to reduce anti-social behaviour in the town centre.

  • 39.6% of children’s social care assessments were carried out within 20 days, better than the national (35.2%) and regional (38.5%) averages (2016/17 data).

  • The proportion of repeat referrals to children’s social care rose to 23.8% in Q1 against a target of 18%.

  • 37.5% of the assessments for children's social care were carried out within 20 days of referral, 2% above our target.

  • 88.7% of section 47 investigations led to an initial child protection meeting within 15 days.

  • Our performance in the Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework (ASCOF) has improved compared to last year and the overall satisfaction is strong.
Safer neighbourhood service - support

After complaints were received about rubbish and disrepair around a property, the Safer Neighbourhoods Team along with Equity Housing and the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) visited the occupier.

A number of problems were apparent including further disrepair, no heating or hot water, hoarding and financial problems.

As a result of the visit immediate repairs were carried out to the property, smoke alarms and heat detectors were fitted by South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, a referral was made to the Warm Homes team and the occupier was referred to various other services for additional help. 


Outcome 9 - People are healthier, happier, independent and active

  • Barnsley Hospital is now smoke-free across its entire site and is supporting everyone who smokes - including staff - to stop.

  • 82.6% of adults aged 18 and over in Barnsley do not smoke. The number of people that do smoke has fallen from 24.4% in 2012 to 17.4% in 2017 and the latest reduction in rate is higher than those seen in England and Yorkshire and the Humber.

  • The rate of pregnancy for young people aged 18 in Barnsley is 29.1 per 1,000 aged under 18. This is higher than regional and national rates but we continue to reduce this figure.

  • Every secondary school in Barnsley is now engaging in the public health commissioned offer or relationships and sex education.
Flu vaccinations

Barnsley's 2018/19 seasonal flu uptake rates for the over 65's, under 65's who are at risk, pregnant women and 2 to 4 year olds are higher than the England rates.

We are also leading a campaign to encourage health and social care staff to have the vaccination to protect themselves and the vulnerable residents they work with. 


Strong and resilient communities

Outcome 10 - People volunteering and contributing towards stronger communities

  • 2,800 people volunteered in their communities; 518 were new volunteers.

  • There was £143,759 cashable value of volunteer hours in Q1.

  • 370 people volunteered for Barnsley Museums in Q1; completing 4,047 hours with a cashable value of £24,675.

  • 51 people volunteered with Barnsley Libraries completing 729 hours across 17 libraries.
Junior Wardens Scheme - Central area

The Scheme promotes good citizenship, environmental awareness including road safety, the impact of littering or graffiti, and also promotes a positive community spirit. 

84 children from the central council area have completed the scheme over the past year, with all reporting it has had a positive impact on their lives.


Outcome 11 - Protecting our borough for future generations

  • 34 households have received energy efficiency measures from Better Homes Barnsley.

  • 96.7% of all refuse collections were made on the scheduled day.
  • 98.1% of household waste was diverted from landfill.

  • 99.9% of category one pot holes were repaired within 24 hours.

  • 96% of traffic light signal faults were fixed within 24 hours.
  • The average duration for works on principal and major roads was 4.56 days. The highest impact was from Cadent Gas works (50 days) and our tree clearance works on Dearne Valley Parkway (40 days) and replacing signs on Sheffield Road, Hoyland (39 days).

  • In Q1 we derived enough energy from waste to power 2,670 homes.

  • 4% of the energy used by the council was from renewable sources.

  • CO2 emissions have continued to fall since 2012 giving a total reduction of 45%, well above our target of 30%. 
Clean Air Day

Thursday 20 June saw us join forces with Barnsley Hospital, Summer Lane Primary School and St Mary's CE Primary School to inspire people to improve air quality as part of Clean Air Day.

This years theme was anti-idling with the aim of encouraging people to turn off their engines when stationary for long periods. 

Air quality in Barnsley has improved in recent years, but road transport is still a major cause of air pollution. 


Outcome 12 - Customers can contact us easily and use more services online

Carers Week - Connecting people online

We continue to support carers across the borough with the launch of a new online resource as part of carers' week in June 2019.

This annual campaign highlights the challenges carers face and recognises the contribution they make to families and communities throughout the UK by providing support and resource.

We have joined forces with the national charity Carers UK to offer support via an online platform that can be accessed 2 hours a day, seven days a week. At the click of a button carers in Barnsley can have free access to the Digital Resource for Carers, an online environment that hosts a range of resources to help manage care.


One council

Outcome 13 - One Council priorities

Our 'One Council' priority includes the things that we want to achieve to ensure that we are running our council as efficiently as we can, enabling us to provide the best possible outcomes for our district and its residents.

  • 100% of forecast efficiency savings have been achieved in Q1.

  • The council tax collection rate was 95.8% and the business rates collection rate was 97.8% .

  • 76 complaints and 88 compliments were received in Q1 this year compared to 87 and 78 last year.

  • Our staff were supported to volunteer 72.5 days which is similar to the same period last year.

  • Sickness absence overall increased slightly to 1.85 days per full time employee (FTE) in Q1 compared to last year but long term sickness absence decreased to 0.72 days.

  • Four more members of staff at the Smithies depot have completed their first IT qualifications.
DigiTal Hub goes live

As part of #DigitalFirst; the DigiTal Hub was launched in April 2019. It has allowed users to report issues, create IT service requests or access self-help at any time of the day without having to call the Service Desk. 

The Hub is at the core of an ongoing IT improvement process which includes the removal of paper based forms and the automation of requests which will move the council nearer to its #DigitalFirst ambition. 


Finance Data Quarter 1 2019/20

Spend per outcome

Outcome Budget Out-turn Variance % variance Commentary
1 1,575,791 1,527,607 48,184 -3% Staff savings in development management combined with a reduction in planning fee income.
2 1,349,780 1,349,779 0 0% Balanced position
3 105,892 105,892 0 0% Balanced position
4 1,835,735 1,869,307 33,572 2% Income shortfall relating to cultural sites, events and car park income
5 1,314,399 1,318,604 4,205 0% Balanced position
6 10,059,162 10,074,676 15,514 0% Balanced position
7 5,770,856 5,763,054 7,801 0% Balanced position
8 80,215,939 77,478,230 2,737,709 -3% Early delivery of future years' efficiencies, combined with increasing levels of non-recurrent Government funding.
9 6,833,589 7,143,926 310,338 5% Income shortfall against school catering
10 4,884,437 4,884,592 155 0% Balanced position
11 24,840,375 25,210,822 370,447 1% The current overspend is mainly due to a fall in market price of recyclates and delays in the delivery of the transfer loading station.
12 2,655,264 2,727,329 72,065 3% Increases in licence costs and changes in the contracting arrangements

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