High Hoyland Parish Meeting

The High Hoyland parish area is centred around the village of High Hoyland to the west of Barnsley. It has a population of 150.

Unlike the other parished areas, it has a parish meeting rather than a parish council. These meetings are still run in a business-like way, focusing on the interests of local people. Regular items on the agenda include highways and footpaths, environmental issues, planning, and crime and safety.

The parish meeting does not provide many expensive facilities or activities. However, as an extension of the parish meeting, a separate social group has been created that organises events such as clean-up sessions (litter picking and so on), harvest festivals, carol singing and village Christmas parties, where all the children and OAPs in the village get Christmas presents.

Meetings are held six times per year, roughly every two months, at 8.30pm at the Cherry Tree Inn public house in High Hoyland. Extra meetings are held when the need arises, particularly for issues such as planning applications that need a quick response. Everyone in the village can attend the meetings, ask questions and make comments, if they wish, with any decisions put to a vote. For details of meetings, see the parish notice board or contact the clerk.

Clerk to the council

Mrs Joanna Roberts
3 Church Lane, High Hoyland, Barnsley S75 4BJ

Parish council members

High Hoyland parish meeting does not have parish councillors. However, the parish meeting Chair is Mr David Roberts of 3 Church Lane, High Hoyland, Barnsley S75 4BJ.

Meeting minutes

Note: Barnsley Council doesn't necessarily endorse any opinion expressed in the parish council minutes

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Register of members' interests

You can see declarations from all parish councillors on our register of interests page.