Section 106 agreements

We can provide reports on the current status of Section 106 agreements.

Section 106 agreements are negotiated between the council and developers during the planning application process to offset the negative impacts of the development. Things a developer may have to consider as part of the agreement include:

  • providing affordable housing
  • improving community facilities including open spaces, schools and recreation facilities
  • improving local transport facilities, highways and public rights of way
  • taking specific steps to lessen the impact on the local area including introducing parking restrictions, landscaping and noise insulation
  • offering local employment and training strategies

Once a Section 106 agreement is in place it will apply to that development, even if someone else buys it. 

If you need a Section 106 Discharge of Conditions report, and your property or site is in the Barnsley borough, you can apply for this service using the online form below. We charge a fee to cover our costs. 

Before you begin

Please read the 'how to pay' tab for information about charges for this service, and make sure you have any relevant documents listed in the 'what you need' tab.

We need to be sure you’re eligible for this service. Please read the statements below, and only continue with this application if you're able to confirm both of them.

  • I am enquiring about a property or site in the Barnsley borough. 
  • I am requesting this service for myself, or on behalf of someone who has given me their permission.

We'll only use personal information for the services we provide to you.  You can find more on our privacy page

If you need a VAT receipt you'll need to provide an email address in your application. 

What you need

We'll ask you to provide the name and contact details of the person making the request, the address and postcode of the site, and the planning application number of the legal agreement (although this is optional). 

How to pay

We charge £40 (including VAT) for this service.  

You need to pay via this application form before we can provide advice.

What happens next

Once we’ve received your online application and payment you'll receive a section 106 report within five working days.