Planning application fees

You'll need to pay the appropriate fees with your application. You can see the current scale of fees here.

The Planning Portal has an online fee calculator that you can use to work out the cost of your application, before you submit it.

Increase to fees - 17 January 2018

From 17 January 2018 there will be a 20% national increase in planning fees, this is part of new legislation that has been brought in. 

All valid planning applications accompanied by the relevant plans and supporting documents received before 17 January 2018 will be charged at the existing rate.  Applications received on or after this date will incur the new fees.  

Householder application fees will increase from £172 to £206 and a single dwelling from £385 to £462.

We are expecting a surge in application submissions prior to this date.  As always we will continue to deal with each application as quickly as possible.  

You can contact us if you have any enquiries about planning fees.

How to pay

You can submit your plans and pay online through the Planning Portal website. Please make sure you submit the correct information as the fee you're charged will be based on what you've uploaded.

For paper applications you can pay by credit or debit card by calling 01226 772593 or 01226 772595.

Fees to discharge planning conditions

There is a fee to discharge planning conditions as follows:

  • £97 to discharge conditions from general planning applications
  • £28 to discharge conditions from householder planning applications

You can apply to discharge more than one planning application at the same time and incur one fee only.

See our guidance notes for discharging planning conditions and use the application to discharge planning conditions form.