Planning policy

To make sure we maintain the development and growth of Barnsley.  We produce long term plans and strategies for our area.

Barnsley’s development plan   

Barnsley’s statutory development plan consists of the following:

Following the adoption of the Local Plan we've produced new and updated supplementary planning documents (SPD). These documents contain advice for people applying for planning permission. We use these to help us make decisions on planning applications alongside the Local Plan. We've recently adopted updates to the biodiversity and geodiversity, and house extensions and other domestic alterations SPDs on 28 March 2024.

Last summer, we asked for your views on updates to the financial contributions to schools SPD and are currently considering comments received in response to the consultation.

Barnsley’s Local Plan includes some site allocations which require the production of a masterplan framework. The site policies explain why a masterplan framework is needed.

Contact us using our online form if you need a paper copy of any of our plans, policies or strategies. There's a charge for this to cover our costs.

Local Plan review

The Local Plan review was endorsed at a meeting of Full Council on 24 November 2022. The review concluded that the Local plan remains fit for purpose and is adequately delivering its objectives.

This means no updates to the Local Plan, in whole or in part, are to be carried out ahead of a further review. A further review will take place in 2027 or earlier if circumstances, including fundamental changes to the Local Plan system, require it.

Neighbourhood planning

Neighbourhood planning was introduced in the government's Localism Act. It allows local communities to lead on development or development projects in their areas.

Brownfield land register

We have a duty to prepare and maintain a brownfield land register. The register will provide an up-to-date, publicly available standard set of information on brownfield land that is suitable for housing.

Statement of community involvement (SCI)

This sets out how we will engage people in the preparation of planning policy documents and in planning application decisions. Read the statement of community involvement (SCI).