Planning policy

To make sure we maintain the development and growth of Barnsley.  We produce long term plans and strategies for our area.

Barnsley’s development plan   

Barnsley’s statutory development plan consists of the following:

Following the adoption of the Local Plan we've produced new and updated supplementary planning documents (SPD). These documents contain advice for people applying for planning permission. We use these to help us make decisions on planning applications alongside the Local Plan. We've recently adopted an update to the design of housing development SPD and a new sustainable construction and climate change adaptation SPD on 27 July 2023.

We recently asked for your views on updates to three existing SPDs including financial contributions for schools, house extensions and other domestic alterations and biodiversity and geodiversity. Find out about the draft supplementary planning documents (SPD) consultation.

Barnsley’s Local Plan includes some site allocations which require the production of a masterplan framework. The site policies explain why a masterplan framework is needed.

Contact us using our online form if you need a paper copy of any of our plans, policies or strategies. There's a charge for this to cover our costs.

Neighbourhood planning

Neighbourhood planning was introduced in the government's Localism Act. It allows local communities to lead on development or development projects in their areas.

Brownfield land register

We have a duty to prepare and maintain a brownfield land register. The register will provide an up-to-date, publicly available standard set of information on brownfield land that is suitable for housing.

Statement of community involvement (SCI)

This sets out how we will engage people in the preparation of planning policy documents and in planning application decisions. Read the statement of community involvement (SCI) 

Planning policy advice

We offer specialist advice meetings on planning policy. We can provide advice about national policy, the current statutory development plan and the Local Plan. 

If you're considering a development and your property or site is in the Barnsley borough. Then you can apply for this service online below. The meetings take place at our offices in Barnsley town centre and we charge a fee to cover our costs.

Before you begin

Please read the 'how to pay' tab for information about charges for this service. Make sure you have all the relevant documents listed in the 'what you need' tab.

We need to make sure you’re eligible for this service. Please read the statements below and only continue with your application if you're able to confirm both of them:

  • you're enquiring about a property or site in the Barnsley borough; and 
  • you're requesting this service for yourself, or on behalf of someone who has given you their permission.

Advice given by us for planning policy enquiries does not constitute a formal response. It also doesn't prejudice the council on any future decisions on planning applications or the Local Plan process.

We'll only use personal information for the services we provide to you. You can find more in our privacy policy

What you need

If your query is about a particular site or area of land. Then you should send us a plan of it showing the relevant area. If you don’t provide enough relevant information to make your query clear your application may be delayed. The plan will be used to help identify relevant planning policies, so it doesn’t need to be very detailed.

You can upload copies of your plans while you’re filling in the online form. You can't upload plans that are larger than 25MB file size. If your application is larger than 25MB please do the following:

  • Save them to a CD. Please note, if you save them to a CD we cannot accept .exe or zip files in any format.
  • Submit them on paper and drop them at one of our offices
  • Send them to Barnsley Council, PO Box 634, Barnsley S70 9GG. 

Please indicate that your documents have been submitted separately if you don't upload them as part of your application. You should clearly mark them with your site address and the name of our service (Planning and Environment).

How to pay

We charge £125 per hour for this service. Meetings usually last about an hour and the first hour needs to be paid for via the online application form. This must be done before a meeting can be arranged.

Any additional time will be invoiced separately per hour or part-hour. For example, if the meeting lasts one hour and 20 minutes, we'll invoice for a full additional hour.

All fees include VAT. If you need a VAT receipt you'll need to provide an email address in your application. 

What happens next

Once we’ve received your online application, payment and plan (if required).  Then we'll contact you within 10 working days to arrange a meeting.