Lundwood (Lang Avenue) flood alleviation scheme

In 2007 and 2019, this area experienced significant flooding. Since 2021, we've been working with Berneslai Homes to understand what may be causing flooding on Lang Avenue. We're also looking to find any actions that could be taken to reduce the impact of future flooding.

Enzygo were employed by Berneslai Homes to help identify the flooding at Lang Avenue.

Phase one: analysing existing water flows

This included:

  • Monitoring water levels. This allowed Enzygo to capture flood events and look at the water levels across the River Dearne Gauge at Cundy Cross and surface water flows to the River Dearne.
  • Surveying the culverts.
  • Reviewing the surface water storage that is connected to Yorkshire Waters drainage system.
  • Cleaning out the ditch on the western side of the Trans Pennine Trail embankment.

Phase two: ongoing maintenance and improvement works to existing network

The work undertaken at phase one is helping us, Bernaslai Homes and Yorkshire Water to:

  • Carry out a CCTV survey of the culverts.
  • Carry out a topographic survey.
  • Form a Lundwood Flood Action Group and deliver various workshops.
  • Do hydraulic modelling of the River Dearne and a flood storage assessment to understand the flood levels at Lang Avenue.
  • Model the sewer network.
  • Develop new drainage design for offline storage options.
  • Identify four culverts during investigations. These will be cleaned and headwalls will be fitted where appropriate.

Phase three: formal design

  • We'll be working with William Saunders Partnership (WSP) through the┬áNorth Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) construction framework to continue with the engineering design proposals that have been identified in phases 1 and 2.

Timeline of events

  • Phase 1: 2019 - 2021
  • Phase 2: 2021-2022
  • Phase 3: 2023

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