Low Valley (Bulling Dyke) flood prevention

Bulling Dyke is one of our four areas of work. It's done under our flood risk schemes. 

Willian Saunders Partnership from North Yorkshire are appointed by us. This is to help the Flood Risk Alleviation Scheme at Bulling Dike.

Phase one: analysing existing water flows

Currently, phase one is underway. This will be a topographic survey of the existing Bulling Dyke watercourse. This means that spot levels and the profile of the bank will be taken.

We'll be: 

  • carrying out a hydraulic model of existing water flows from Bulling Dyke in the surrounding areas. This will decide what capacity is available in the existing system.
  • carrying out a CCTV culvert of the highway culvert crossing station road. Both culverts will be cleaned and jetted to make sure there are no blockages.
  • looking at the existing water flow capacity on the highways culvert on Station Road.

Phase two: climate change criteria

Phase 2 will start following the outcome of phase one.

We'll be:

  • checking the existing size of the water course to current and future climate change factors
  • working with partners and attending the flood alleviation group to keep residents informed

Following our analysis, we'll see whether we need to carry out any work on Bulling Dyke. This will be to widen it at certain locations across the dike.

Timeline of events 

  • Phase 1: analysing existing water flows: August 2022 to present.
  • Phase 2: climate change criteria: date to be confirmed following outcome of phase 1.
  • Phase 3: engineering works at Bulling Dyke: date to be confirmed.

More information 

  • View our map of the Bulling Dyke culverts
  • View our map of culvert 1 (Station Road)
  • View our map of culverts 2 and 3

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