Blue Badges

If you have a severe permanent disability, or a hidden disability such as autism or anxiety, you may be able to get a Blue badge. A Blue Badge lets you park in disabled parking bays closer to the place you’re going.

You can apply for a Blue Badge whether you’re the driver or you travel as a passenger in a vehicle, as long as you meet the qualifying criteria.

Apply for or renew a Blue Badge

The quickest and easiest way to apply for or renew a Blue Badge is through the GOV.UK website. They’ll send your information to us to check and make a decision about whether you qualify.

When you submit your application you'll also need to provide:

  • Proof of your address, dated within the last 12 months.
  • Proof of your identity 
  • Proof of your entitlement/supporting evidence 
  • A recent passport style photograph

Full details of the above can be found within the application form.

Please make sure when completing your application, all relevant documentation is provided. You should also send anything else you think would be beneficial when completing the assessment. This will make sure your application is dealt with as quickly and as efficiently and possible.

The charge for a Blue Badge is £10 which you can pay by debit or credit card when applying.

Your badge will be valid for up to three years. If you still need one after this time you'll need to reapply.

There may be other websites offering to help you complete your application who charge you extra for their service. These websites are not associated with Barnsley Council or GOV.UK.

When you’ll receive your badge

Due to an increased number of applications, it may take longer than usual to process your badge. You can expect to receive your badge within 12 weeks after we get your documents, if you're eligible and have given us all the necessary details.

If you're renewing your badge, you should do so in advance, as issuing a new one could take up to 12 weeks.

Paying for a Blue Badge

You can pay by debit or credit card when applying for a Blue Badge.

If you've already applied and you still need to pay, you can use our online form below.

Using your Blue Badge

Only you can use your Blue Badge. You can use it whether you’re the driver or a passenger, but it must not be used by anyone else if you’re not in the vehicle.

With a Blue Badge you can:

  • park for up to three hours on a single or double yellow line as long as there are no loading restrictions. The parking clock on the badge must be set to show your time of arrival.
  • park in on-street pay and display parking bays for free and for as long as you need to.
  • park in on-street disabled parking bays for free and for as long as you need to (unless signs say otherwise).

You need to make sure your Blue Badge is displayed properly in the vehicle so it can be seen easily.

It's illegal to use your badge after it's expiry date and you may be fined up to £1000 or lose your badge if you don't stick to the law.

If your Blue Badge application is rejected

If your application for a Blue Badge has been rejected within the last three months, you can appeal our decision by filling in our online form.

You'll need to tell us your reasons for appealing. You might also want to upload evidence of your worsening health condition from a health professional to support your appeal.

When we receive your appeal we'll review it and let you know the outcome, including the reasons for our decision. If your application is still refused and your condition worsens you can apply for a Blue Badge again after three months.

Lost, stolen or damaged badges

If your Blue Badge has been lost, stolen or damaged you can order a replacement online. This will be supplied with the same expiry date as your original badge. We’ll update our records to show that your original is no longer valid.

The charge for replacing a Blue Badge is £10. You can pay this by debit or credit card when completing the online form.

If it's been stolen you need to report this to the police who will give you a crime report number. You’ll need to tell us this number when you request a replacement badge.

If your badge has been damaged you'll need to return the original to us to be officially destroyed. You can post it to: Blue Badge Team, PO Box 634, Barnsley, S70 9GG.

If you no longer use your badge

If you no longer use your Blue Badge you need to return it to us. You'll need to do this if:

  • it's expired.
  • you're no longer eligible for a badge, or no longer need it.
  • it's damaged.
  • you've found a badge you thought was lost or stolen, and already have a replacement.
  • you've moved out of the borough and have a valid badge from another council.
  • the badge holder dies (you can use the Tell us Once service to inform us that someone has died).

Please return the badge to: Blue Badge Team, Barnsley Council, PO Box 634, Barnsley, S70 9GG.

For enquiries about Blue Badges you can contact us on (01226) 773555.