Disabled person's travel pass

A disabled person's travel pass entitles people to free travel at all times within South Yorkshire on:

  • local bus services, trams and trains
  • Northern Rail services between South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire
  • buses throughout England at off-peak times (between 9.30am and 11pm weekdays, all day at weekends and on bank holidays)

You can't use your pass to travel on trams outside of South Yorkshire.

Travel passes are issued free of charge by Travel South Yorkshire.

How to qualify for a pass

You'll automatically qualify for a pass if you're under the age of 66 and:

  • you receive the Higher Rate Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowance (DLA)
  • you receive Personal Independence Payment (PIP) with an award of at least eight points in either 'moving around' or 'communicating verbally'
  • you receive a War Pensioner's Mobility Supplement
  • you have a Blue Badge parking permit

If you qualify for a pass and also receive one of the following benefits, the pass you receive will allow a carer to travel with you free of charge as well:

  • Higher Rate Care Component of DLA
  • Higher Rate Attendance Allowance
  • Enhanced Daily Living Component of PIP

Applying for a pass

If you automatically qualify you can apply online for a travel pass by setting up an account with Travel South Yorkshire.

You'll need to provide copies of:

  • proof of your age
  • proof of your address
  • proof of entitlement
  • a recent passport-sized photograph of yourself

For online applications you can scan and upload the documents. If you're applying in writing you'll need to enclose a copy of your documents with your application.

If you don't automatically qualify

You may also be eligible for a pass if you live in South Yorkshire, you're under the age of 66 and:

  • are blind or partially-sighted
  • are deaf or without speech
  • have a disability that has a substantial effect on your ability to walk
  • do not have arms or have lost the use of your arms
  • have a learning disability (local council registered)
  • have been refused a driver's licence or would have been refused on medical grounds (but not for drug or alcohol misuse)

If you're over 66 years of age you may still qualify for a disabled pass if you're blind or partially sighted or if you require a carer to assist you when travelling.

We provide a free checking service on behalf of Travel South Yorkshire to confirm whether people who don't automatically qualify are eligible for a travel pass.

You can ask us to check is you're eligible using our online form below. If you are eligible, we'll issue you with a letter of entitlement. You'll need to provide this to Travel South Yorkshire to prove you can apply for a pass. 

You can either scan your evidence documents or take a photo of them when you complete our form. You'll need to upload:

  • proof of your eligibility (disability)
  • proof of your age (your passport, NHS card, driving licence or birth certificate)
  • proof of your address (a Council Tax or utility bill, or your NHS card)

Only fill in our online form to check if you're eligible if you don't automatically qualify for a pass. 

Please allow seven days from submitting your application and proofs for us to make a decision.

When you've received your letter of eligibility or you meet automatic criteria you need to apply online for a travel pass. If you can't apply online you can contact Traveline for more advice on (01709) 515151.

Renewing an expired pass

For advice about renewing, call Traveline on (01709) 515151 up to two months before the expiry date to check that you are still entitled to a travel pass. They will advise you if you need a letter of entitlement from us.

If you are eligible, you can renew your travel pass online or fill in a paper travel pass application form.

Lost or stolen passes

Contact Travel South Yorkshire if you have lost your pass or it has been stolen. There is a charge for replacement passes.