Vehicle weight and width limits

We can impose a weight or width restriction for structural or environmental reasons. This is a legal control to stop large vehicles, of a certain weight or width, from using unsuitable roads. 

The police must support these restrictions, as they're responsible for enforcing them.

Imposing the restriction:

  • reduces danger to pedestrians and other road users
  • prevents damage to buildings, roads and bridges
  • preserves the character, appearance and environment of an area
  • helps us reduce and manage congestion on the roads

Sometimes, heavy goods vehicles may still need access to a road that has a weight restriction, for example to make deliveries. In these cases, signs will say 'except for access'.

If a road is in really poor condition, access may not be possible at all.

Enforcing weight and width limits

The police are responsible for enforcing vehicle weight and width limits.

To report a vehicle that isn't following a weight restriction, please contact the police directly on 101.