Learning disability day opportunities

We offer day opportunities for adults with learning disabilities, including a wide range of groups and activities that can be tailored to meet individual needs.

They take place in our day centre bases or out in the community, in the following areas:

  • Athersley South
  • Dearne
  • Gilroyd
  • Wombwell

You can contact the centres on (01226) 773300.

Is it for me?

People of all ages use our service. We have a full programme of activities and support for young people who've just made the transition from children's services. We also have older people who enjoy the social aspects of coming to our centres.

Whether you have mild to moderate learning disabilities or more complex learning or physical difficulties, we'll offer activities to suit you.

Types of activities

You can mix and match services and support to meet your needs. For example, you might want to spend part of your week with us and the rest going to college. You could decide to use our employment and volunteering service and attend a placement on some days. 

Our service users often tell us what kind of activities they want to get involved in. Wherever possible, we'll try to provide these, either in our building or by helping people to access what's already available in the community.

Activities include:

  • cookery
  • gardening
  • managing your money
  • exercise classes and other leisure activities
  • walking groups
  • day trips
  • volunteering with local groups and businesses

How to apply for day opportunities

We'll need to do a social care assessment to see if you qualify for day opportunities.

You'll also need to have a financial assessment. This helps us to calculate the daily rate you'll need to pay towards the cost. If you prefer not to have a financial assessment, you can pay the full daily rate.

If you're eligible, we'll develop a package of support that's right for you, together with your parents/carers. It'll improve your daily living skills, enable you to get out and about, and support your overall health and wellbeing.  You'll be able to continue with hobbies you already enjoy and we'll support you to follow other interests.

Travel training

We also provide independent travel training, working with adults with learning disabilities and other groups who need help to travel independently, either on public transport or on foot.