Adult health and social care

Sight and hearing loss


If you have any sight or hearing loss that affects your daily life, we can offer you a social care assessment and give you advice and support.

We can also give you information and advice about:

  • training to help you get around independently, safely and confidently in your own home or outdoors
  • communication skills, including using magnifiers, hearing speech on the telephone, Braille, minicoms or type talk services
  • specialist equipment that may help you with daily tasks, for example, hearing the doorbell or preparing meals and drinks safely
  • independent living skills to help you learn new skills or adapt old ones to carry out a full range of daily living tasks

If you have dual sensory loss as we can offer specialist advice, support and appropriate training.

There is no charge for the service, but there may be a cost for some of the equipment recommended for you.

You can find a local optician on the NHS website.

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