Looking after yourself

If you’re an older person or vulnerable adult, have a disability or you’ve been ill or in hospital, you may be finding it difficult to look after yourself properly.

If you need help to carry out everyday tasks like bathing, dressing or making your meals, you can contact us for advice and support.

It’s your choice how you access the support you need.

You can ask us to assess your needs to see if you qualify for help and financial support from us, or you can arrange and pay for your personal care services yourself.

Read more about having an assessment and what's involved. 

This quick online guide to home care tells you what you should expect from a good service, whether you're receiving help from us, or are arranging your own home care services. 

Getting help from us

If  you qualify for our help, there are a number of ways we can help you get support:

  • we can arrange and manage personal care services for you
  • we can offer you a direct payment. This is a payment that we make directly to you, a family member or an agreed third party which you can use to arrange your own care – either by employing your own personal assistant or buying whatever support you need from a care agency.

Arrange your own personal care

If you don't qualify for help, or you’d prefer not to have an assessment, you can arrange your own support privately through a private care agency and pay for this yourself.

To find details of care agencies and other support services in Barnsley and how much they cost:

If you want to employ a personal assistant, you can check those who have registered with us on our Barnsley PA Finder.

If you have your own arrangements in place to pay for your care privately, you'll need to contact your care agency or day services provider if you have any queries about paying your bill.

You can read more about services for older people in our eBook.

Help with meals

If you're unable to prepare or eat your meals yourself and you need some support, we can do an assessment to determine whether you qualify for some help at home.

There are also private providers in Barnsley that can deliver nutritious hot or frozen meals to your door, even if you have a special dietary requirement. A list of meals providers is included in our adult health and social care directory.

Community involvement

You may want to consider what's available in your community, for example luncheon clubs, where you can get a meal and also enjoy other people's company and join in social activities.

Contact us

if you can't find what you're looking for, call us on (01226) 773300 for advice about what's available where you live.