Adult social care

Personal budgets


If you've contacted us to get a social care assessment and this shows you qualify for help from us to arrange and pay for your care services, we'll tell you how much money you're entitled to. We call this your personal budget.

We'll also talk to you about the different ways you can manage this money. You may choose to:

  • have a 'direct payment' into your bank account for you to arrange your care services
  • have it paid to a family member or agreed third party to arrange your care and support services
  • ask us to manage it for you by arranging services on your behalf

We'll work out a support plan with you. We'll agree how your personal budget is going to be spent to meet your needs. Your support plan will include things like:

  • what you want to achieve for yourself
  • any equipment or minor adaptations that would help you to live at home
  • the support within your community
  • the support you currently have in place
  • what support you'll get and who'll provide it; you may want to find and employ a PA (personal assistant) or buy support from an agency
  • when and how often you'll get help

Useful links

In Control is a national charity and have developed some useful fact sheets about personal budgets.

The Social Care Institute for Excellence also has a helpful guide to personalisation.