Putting your bin out for collection

You need to put your bin out for collection at the kerb side, or at your collection point, before 6am on your collection day. You can put it out ready from 12pm the day before your collection is due. Please don't obstruct the pavement or road by putting it out too early. Leave your bin with the handles facing the road, ideally close to your neighbour's bin.

We won't empty your bin unless the lid is fully closed and any bin liners have been taken off the lip of the bin. Please don't overfill your bin - the lifting mechanism on our wagons has a maximum weight limit of 50kg.

You need to remove your bin from the kerb side or your collection point by 12pm the day after it was emptied.

In exceptional cases we might give permission to leave a bin permanently at the front of a property. This could be because the bin is part of an arranged assisted collection where there is a risk if it's collected from the rear of a property, or if we've agreed a permanent collection point or site. We'll tell you by letter if this is the case.

What you can put in each bin

Find out what you can and can't put in your grey and recycling bins.

Partially emptied bins

Sometimes bins don't fully empty because compacted material gets stuck in the bottom. If this happens, just loosen any compacted rubbish so that we can fully empty your bin next time.

Frozen bins

In extremely cold weather the material in your bin may freeze. Garden waste is more likely to freeze than refuse as it tends to be wetter. If this happens, please loosen the contents so that we can empty it fully on your next scheduled collection day. Our crews aren't allowed to do this for you. They're also not able to shake the bin or load it onto the lift on the bin lorry several times to try and empty it, as this may damage it.

Missed bins

If we don't manage to complete a scheduled bin collection and the whole street is affected, you don’t need to contact us as we'll already know there's been a problem. Check for service problems we know about or find out how to report a missed bin.