Putting your bin out for collection

Please make sure that you put your bin at the kerbside before 6am on your collection day.  

Your bins must not cause an obstruction on the pavement or road at any time, so please keep them on your property until collection day. 

Partially emptied bins

If our crews haven't fully empty your bin, it's probably because compacted material has become stuck in the bottom, preventing it from tipping into the bin lorry when your bin was placed on the lifting mechanism.

If this happens, please loosen the contents of your bin so that we can fully empty it on your next collection.

Frozen bins

In extremely cold weather, the material in your bin may freeze. Garden waste is more likely to freeze than refuse as it tends to be wetter.

If your bin has frozen, it would help if you could loosen the content so that we can empty it fully on your next scheduled collection day.

Unfortunately our crews are unable to do this.  They're also advised not to shake the bin or load it on to the lift multiple times to avoid damaging it.