Get help to put your bins out

If you're not able to move your bins to the kerbside for collection, we may be able to do this for you.

You can use our online form below to ask for help to put your bin out.

Before you begin

You can only apply for help if:

  • you're 80 years old or over and live alone
  • both you and your partner are 80 or over
  • you have a physical disability and don’t live with anyone who can take your bins to the kerbside

What happens next

If we approve your application, we’ll let you know when help with your collection will start. 

Please make sure that we can get to your bins easily and that they are kept in the same place every week. 

If we have any problems collecting your bins, we’ll get in touch. 

 Please tell us if your circumstances change and you want to cancel help to put your bins out.