Get help to put your bins out

If you have a disability or medical condition that prevents you putting your bins out, and there’s no-one else to do it for you, you can apply for an assisted collection.

Our assisted collection scheme changed on 1 December 2017:

  • There's now a one-off charge of £10 for the service (this will apply to new applicants and to those currently receiving the service).
  • New applicants, regardless of age, will have to prove that they have a disability or medical condition that prevents them putting their own bins out.
  • The new scheme will apply automatically to your grey bin; you can include recycling bins in the scheme if you produce a large amount of recycling.

Am I eligible for assisted collection?

To be eligible to receive the assisted collection service you must meet the following criteria:

  • You have a medical condition or disability that prevents them from being able to place the bins out.

  • You are not physically able to able to place the bins out.

  • You have no other resident over the age of 12 living at the property that is able to put the bins out on the behalf your behalf. If there is more than one resident over the age of 12 living at the property proof of infirmity or disability must be provided for each resident.

  • You have no other members of the family living nearby for example; down private tracks, roads, farms or properties within the same piece of land, these must all be included in the application process.

  • The distance to the public highway/kerbside does not exceed 20 metres.

Assisted collection risk assessments

All assisted collection applications will follow a risk assessment process prior to any approval which includes: 

  • An onsite risk assessment of your property to look into visible risks, any pets, the distance to the collection point, underfoot conditions and suitable lighting at the property.
  • We may request re-siting of waste collection bins to facilitate easier access to them.

  • It is your responsibility to ensure that all risks are mitigated and paths and surfaces where the containers are moved through are kept clear to accommodate the safe collection and return of the containers.

  • We reserve the right to withdraw the service if a risk assessment points out it may cause unacceptable risk to the collection crew or if the site conditions change and it is no longer safe for the crew to attend; for example a change in underfoot conditions or a new pet.

  • Rural and private roads on route will be risk assessed to ensure the route is clear, suitable underfoot and the distance is reasonable. Where these conditions are not met it is the resident’s responsibility to arrange a suitable collection point with the council.

  • We may ask you to use sacks to collect waste if it there is not suitable location for a bin. Any waste which is not presented within the sacks will not be collected and sacks that are over-loaded, split or in a poor condition will not be collected.

Once the above criteria has been met you will be informed of the date from which your assisted collections will begin. If the above criteria is not met you will be informed of the reasons why your assisted collection request has been rejected; we will not refund the £10 administration fee.

The service will only cover the collection of your grey bin; should you wish to have your recycling bins included you must state this at the time of applying. To be eligible you must produce half a bin of recycling waste every 4 weeks and half a bin of green bin waste every two weeks. If your household produces less than the required amount please place all waste in your grey bin.

How to apply

You can apply for an assisted collection by calling us on (01226) 773555. Please have your debit card ready to pay the one-off charge of £10.

We may visit you to determine the level of service you need. We'll also agree a safe and accessible place on your property from where to collect your bins.

We’ll contact you to let you know when your assisted collections will begin.


If you produce only small amounts of recycling, you can opt to put all your waste and recycling in your grey bin. We'll arrange to remove any recycling bins you don’t use.

Our waste treatment plant in Manvers, which processes grey bin waste, can separate small quantities of recycling materials from grey bin waste. This means that even if you put your recycling materials in your grey bin, they'll still be recycled.

Changing address or cancelling an assisted collection

Please tell us if you change address or want to cancel help to put your bins out.