Get help to put your bins out

Our assisted collection scheme will change on 1 December 2017.

What’s changing

  • There’ll be a one-off charge of £10 for the service (this will apply to new applicants and to those currently receiving the service).
  • New applicants, regardless of age, will have to prove that they have a disability or medical condition that prevents them putting their own bins out.
  • The new scheme will apply automatically to your grey bin; you can include recycling bins in the scheme if you produce a large amount of recycling.

What happens next

If you already get help to put your bins out

The assisted collection service you currently receive will not change.

We’ll write to you shortly to check whether you want to continue receiving help to put your bin out. If so, we’ll make arrangements for you to pay the one-off charge.

In the meantime, please tell us if your circumstances change and you want to cancel help to put your bins out.

If you want to apply for help to put your bins out after 1 December

If you have a disability or medical condition that prevents you putting your bins out, and there’s no-one else to do it for you, you can apply for help using the form below.

Before you begin

Only use this form to apply for help if you have a physical disability, and and don't live with someone who could take your bins to the kerbside.


There is a £10 one-off charge for this service.

What happens next

We’ll send you a more detailed application form in which you’ll need to tell us about the medical condition that prevents you from putting your bins out.

We'll also contact you to take payment of the one-off £10 administration charge.

If we accept your application, we may visit you to determine the level of service you need. We'll also agree a safe and accessible place on your property from where to collect your bins.

We’ll contact you to let you know when your assisted collections will begin.

We'll invite you to renew your application for the scheme annually.


If you produce only small amounts of recycling, you can opt to put all your waste and recycling in your grey bin. We'll arrange to remove any recycling bins you don’t use.

Our waste treatment plant in Manvers, which processes grey bin waste, can separate small quantities of recycling materials from grey bin waste. This means that even if you put your recycling materials in your grey bin, they'll still be recycled.