Order a bin

You may want to order a bin if: 

  • yours is damaged or has gone missing
  • you’re making full use of your existing recycling bins, but you still need more capacity
  • you've moved into another home and you don’t have any bins*

There's a charge for delivering your new bin(s). Replacement pins for bin lids are delivered free of charge.

* If you've moved into a new build or a private rented property you should have a full set of bins. If not, speak to your builder or landlord before placing an order with us. If you've moved into a property that isn't a new build, or is a Berneslai Homes property, it's your responsibility to replace any damaged or missing bins and pay for their delivery.

What you can order 

  • Blue/brown bin - if yours is damaged, you haven't got one, or you want an extra one
  • Green/grey bin - if yours is damaged or you haven't got one
  • Lid pins - if your bin is missing any

All bins have a 240 litre capacity and are 1063mm high and 720mm wide.

You're only allowed one green bin per household. If you need an extra grey bin there must be five or more people living permanently in your home. Find out if you can get an extra grey bin.

If you run a business in Barnsley and need your waste collecting please visit our business waste collections page for more information.

If your bin is damaged

You'll need to order a new bin if yours has split, broken, the lid is damaged, or any of the wheels are missing. Bins are covered by a five year warranty against faults and damage from general use.

We'll replace your bin for free if it's less than five years old and there's a problem with it. The manufacture date is stamped on the bin lid. We'll check this when we deliver your replacement bin. Bins without a lid aren't covered by warranty as we can't determine the manufacture date if the lid's missing.

If your bin's more than five years old, you'll need to pay to have a new one delivered even if you think it was damaged when it was being emptied.

If you think your bin fell into the back of the lorry while it was being emptied, please call us on (01226) 773555 within 48 hours of the collection taking place. We'll then check this with our collection crew.

How to order

You can use our online form below to order bins or new pins. Make sure you read the information on all the tabs below before you start your order.

Before you begin

Don't use this form:

  • to order an extra grey bin. Instead, check our information to see if you're able to get an extra grey bin
  • to order an extra green bin. You're only allowed one green bin per household.
  • if you've moved into a new build property and don't have a full set of bins. Speak to your builder/developer - they're responsible for ordering a full set of bins for your property.
  • if you live in a rural property and dispose of your rubbish at a collection point in containers we've provided.
  • to order a bin for your business. Instead, visit our business waste collections page.

If you're ordering a replacement for a damaged bin, check the date on the lid first. If it's less than five years old we'll deliver a new one free of charge.


There's a £31 charge for delivering your bin(s). This includes the removal of any bins you no longer need. The only exemption to this charge is for damaged bins that are less than five years old.

You need to pay the charge when you order your new bin(s). Our pay page tells you which cards we accept.

Replacement pins for bin lids are posted free of charge.

Delivering your bin

We'll usually deliver your bin within 15 working days of receiving your order. You can't pick up bins yourself as Smithies Lane Depot is closed to the public.

When we drop the bin(s) off we'll take away any bins that you no longer need, even if they're full. Please make sure that we have access to them.

Until you receive your new bin(s) you can put your recyclable waste separately in clear plastic sacks. We'll collect up to three sacks from the kerbside on your usual collection day. If you're waiting for a brown bin we'll collect sacks containing plastic bottles and tins (no glass). If you're waiting for a blue bin we'll collect any paper or cardboard; please tear it into smaller pieces and place it inside a small or medium sized cardboard box. Please only put this out on the morning of your collection and only when the weather is dry.

You can take non-recyclable and garden waste to any of our household waste and recycling centres.

Replacements for damaged bins

We'll check that your bin is damaged when we deliver your replacement bin.

  • We won't leave you a new grey or green bin if your old one isn't damaged.
  • We won't leave you any replacement bin that we've delivered free of charge if your damaged one is more than five years old.