Documents needed for giving notice of a marriage or civil partnership

At your appointment to give notice of marriage or civil partnership you’ll need to bring proof of your identity. The registrar will need to see evidence of your name, age, marital status, address and nationality.

It’s your responsibility to check what documents you need and if you don’t bring them to your appointment you can’t give notice of your marriage or civil partnership. Each person giving notice needs to bring these. 

All the documents must be originals and any documents not in English must have a full English translation by a third party. You'll need to bring one piece of evidence for each area that's relevant to you. 

Proof of address

  • Valid UK or EEA driving licence
  • Utility bill from the last three months
  • Bank statement from the last month
  • Council tax bill from the last 12 months
  • Tenancy agreement

Proof of nationality

  • A valid British, EEA or Swiss passport
  • A valid EEA or Swiss Identity Card
  • UK birth certificate (if you were born on or after 1 January 1983 and do not hold a valid British passport, you'll need to provide your full birth certificate and your mother’s birth certificate)
  • A certificate of registration as a British citizen granted by the Secretary of State
  • A certificate of naturalisation as a British citizen granted by the Secretary of State

Under 18

Marital status

  • Widowed - marriage certificate and death certificate of your late spouse
  • UK divorced or annulled - decree absolute or decree of nullity
  • Foreign divorced or dissolved - divorce or dissolution documentation (there's an additional fee for this - see our registration charges)
  • Civil partnership dissolved or annulled -  dissolution order or nullity order

Change of name

  • Change of name deed
  • Birth certificate as evidence of maiden name (if female has reverted back to maiden name after divorce and decree absolute shows married surname)
  • Marriage certificate as evidence of former married surname (if female has reverted back to a former married surname following divorce because of any children and last decree absolute shows a different surname)

If you're unable to produce any of the required documents please contact us for advice.