How to get the help you need

Section 6 of the SEND Code of Practice describes how schools should support your child. They should work with you and your child and use their 'best endeavours' to identify and provide for any Special Educational Needs in order to support their learning. 

If your child isn't making expected progress, or if they're receiving behavioural sanctions or exclusions, then this is a good indication they may need extra support. 

All schools must publish what support they can offer on their website. You can ask for copies of the school’s 'SEN Information report' and 'SEN Policy' documents. 

What to do if you have concerns

If you have concerns about the support your child is receiving in school, you should ask to speak to the SEND Coordinator (SENCO) in school. The SENCO might also be a class teacher.  

You might want to ask whether your child is recorded on the school’s SEN Register. If your child is on the SEN register at school, this means regular (at least every term) meetings should be held, usually with the SENCO and yourself, to discuss the SEN Support Plan and what’s working and what’s not working.  

If you feel the school are not addressing your concerns, you can ask for a meeting, usually with the SENCO. You may also consider submitting a complaint to the school – complaints policies are generally found on the school’s website or you can ask them for a copy. 

If you feel you require support and advice regarding how the school is – or is not – supporting your child, please do get in-touch with the us using the referral methods detailed on the right. 

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