Agreed syllabus

Like all councils, we have to produce an agreed syllabus to advise schools in Barnsley what they should teach pupils in the subject of religious education (RE).

RE is not part of the national curriculum, but schools have to teach the subject by law and all councils are required to produce a local agreed syllabus, which they have to review and update every five years.

Barnsley's agreed syllabus

Our agreed syllabus was published in 2010 and was reviewed in 2015.

Below are links to individual sections of the full agreed syllabus 2010-20. Missing content is under review. 

●    An introduction to the Barnsley local agreed syllabus

●    Foreword from Chairperson of Barnsley SACRE

●    Contents

●    Copyright information

●    The Barnsley local agreed syllabus

●    Religious education in Barnsley

●    Programme of study

●    Attainment and assessment of religious education

●    Framework for teaching religious education

●    Christian faith

●    Hindu Dharma

●    Islam

●    Jewish faith

●    Sikh Dharam

●    The way of the Buddha

●    Guidance on the implementation of the Barnsley local agreed syllabus

●    Reference material