How we organise school places

We're responsible for making sure that we have enough school places in the borough to meet the educational needs of children who live in our area. These places must provide education for pupils of all ages and abilities. This includes for those children who have special educational needs.

We regularly review the number of school places we already have and what we'll need in the future. We work with schools to make sure we can meet future demand, and also consider any housing developments.

This ongoing review tells us where we may need to increase or decrease the number of places. This could be in each school, as well as in specific areas of the borough.

Primary school place planning areas

Central area

Central and Kingstone

  • Burton Road Primary School
  • Holy Rood Catholic Primary School
  • Joseph Locke Primary School
  • Queens Road Academy
  • Shawlands Primary School
  • Worsbrough Common Primary School

Stairfoot and Worsbrough

  • Hunningley Primary Academy
  • Oakhill Primary Academy
  • The Forest Academy
  • The Mill Academy
  • Ward Green Primary School
  • Worsbrough Bank End Primary School

North area

Darton East, Darton West, Dodworth and Old Town

  • Barugh Green Primary School
  • Darton Primary School
  • Dodworth St John the Baptist CofE Primary Academy
  • Keresforth Primary School
  • Kexborough Primary School
  • Mapplewell Primary School
  • St Mary’s CofE Primary School
  • Summer Lane Primary School
  • Wellgate Primary School
  • Wilthorpe Primary School (infant site)
  • Wilthorpe Primary School (junior site)

North East area

Cudworth and North East

  • Birkwood Primary School
  • Brierley CofE Primary School
  • Cherry Dale Primary School
  • Churchfield Primary School
  • Ladywood Primary School
  • Milefield Primary School
  • Sandhill Primary School
  • Shafton Primary Academy

Monk Bretton, Royston and St Helen’s

  • Athersley North Primary School
  • Athersley South Primary School
  • Carlton Primary Academy 
  • Holy Trinity Catholic and CofE School
  • Laithes Primary Academy
  • Meadstead Primary Academy
  • Outwood Primary Academy Littleworth Grange
  • Parkside Primary Academy
  • Royston St John Baptist CofE Primary School
  • St Helen’s Primary Academy
  • Summerfields Primary Academy

South East area

Darfield and Wombwell

  • All Saints Academy
  • High View Primary Learning Centre
  • Kings Oak Primary Learning Centre
  • Outwood Primary Academy Darfield
  • St Michael and All Angels Catholic Primary School
  • Upperwood Academy
  • Wombwell Park Street Primary School

Dearne North and Dearne South

  • Carrfield Primary Academy
  • Goldthorpe Primary Academy
  • Gooseacre Primary Academy
  • Heather Garth Primary Academy
  • Highgate Primary Academy
  • Lacewood Primary School
  • Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School
  • The Hill Primary Academy

South West area

Hoyland Milton and Rockingham

  • Birdwell Primary School
  • Elsecar Holy Trinity CofE Primary Academy
  • Greenfield Primary School
  • Hoyland Common Primary School
  • Hoyland Springwood Primary School
  • Jump Primary School
  • St Helen’s Catholic Primary School
  • The Ellis CofE Primary School
  • West Meadows Primary School

Penistone East

  • Cawthorne CofE (VC) Primary School
  • Oxspring Primary School
  • Hoylandswaine Primary School
  • Silkstone Common Junior and Infant School
  • Silkstone Primary School
  • Tankersley St Peter’s CofE aided Primary School
  • Thurgoland CofE Primary School

Penistone West

  • Millhouse Primary School
  • Penistone St John’s Primary School
  • Springvale Primary School
  • Thurlstone Primary School

Secondary school place planning areas


  • Barnsley Academy
  • Darton Academy
  • Horizon Community College
  • Trinity Academy St Edward's

North East

  • Holy Trinity Catholic and Church of England School
  • Outwood Academy Carlton
  • Outwood Academy Shafton


  • Penistone Grammar School

South West

  • Kirk Balk Academy
  • Netherwood Academy

Number of secondary school places

The net capacity is the number of children that a school can reasonably be expected to accommodate.

The figures are worked out using the DfE 'net capacity assessment method'. This takes into account the floor space of the teaching areas and how they're used. For example:

  • general teaching area
  • practical teaching area
  • labs

The area details are then used to work out a figure for the school’s capacity for pupils.

School Capacity
Astrea Academy Dearne 1200
Barnsley Academy 900
Darton Academy 1200
Holy Trinity Catholic and Church of England School 700
Horizon Community College 2000
Kirk Balk Academy 1350
Netherwood Academy 1600
Outwood Academy Carlton 1100
Outwood Academy Shafton 1350
Penistone Grammar School 1600
Trinity Academy St Edwards's 900